September 22, 2005

Bullhorn Bull

Via James Wolcott:.
Let me add a parliamentary "Hear, hear" to Denis Hamill's sentiments:

"I wish I had a bullhorn to shout just how tired I am of hearing about how wonderful George W. Bush's 'bullhorn moment' was.

"It will go down as one of the worst moments in American history because when he stood on the smoldering ruins amid the dust of the dead it was through that bullhorn that Bush's Big Lie was first shouted to the world that the people who knocked down those buildings would soon be hearing from us.

"It might have been a fairly good, better-late-than-never moment if all Bush had done was use that bullhorn to launch a war on Al Qaeda. It might have escalated into a great piece of historical stagecraft if we'd just gone into Afghanistan and stayed the course on a noble quest to kill Osama Bin Laden and all his Al Qaeda cowards who murdered our people.

"But the words that echoed through Bush's bullhorn into the smoldering 16 acres of lower Manhattan, the words that resounded across the grieving outer boroughs and the sorrowful suburbs and the stunned globe, were but an orchestrated setup for a grander diabolical scheme."

"Now, with Bush's approval rating at 40%, with more than 50% disapproving of his handling of Iraq, the Security Moms and NASCAR Dads for Bush are silent. Even the Swift Boat Vets can't save Bush from drowning in his own ineptitude."


At 9/22/2005 6:51 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

I wonder if the kids in Iraq with limbs blown off feel the same way??

They are in the peak of their lives and then loose their future so Bush can have a bullhorn moment? What a ridiculous scene that is.

Once they are maimed, these kids have no turning back and their lives change forever. Just watch ch 8 story on the young Sgt from Annawan who lost his arm and face and is badly burned. For what? So Bush can stand with a bullhorn??

Every day more american soldiers are killed or maimed in Iraq. People seem to be unaware how bad it is over there lately due to Katrina and now Rita.

Time for Cindy Sheehan to get active once again!!


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