September 21, 2005

A Bright Light in the Night

Just heard Bush cap off a press conference in New Orleans by saying, "We wanna see your vision so we can do a more better job."

I am not kidding.

Bush makes Brownie look over-qualified. He's looking and sounding even more pathetic than usual, and that's saying a lot. So pathetic in fact, that I even find myself feeling pangs of pity for the guy. But then I recognize his infinitely annoying combination of arrogance and incompetence and it goes away.


At 9/26/2005 12:13 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Drat - Bush let that Harris woman go off and work in another part of the administration. She is not available to give him the sound bytes he needs for his press conferences.

There was a reason Bush rarely did any press conferences before 9/11. Precisely this example. He does not think well on his fee if at all- he is pretty stupid and really has no original ideas or any concept of what is going on in the world, our country or even his own family..... What a joke Bush is and an embarrasment to us


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