September 21, 2005

What did I miss?

Let's see... I take a very well deserved escape out west and return to find that, contrary to my admonitions, some dim bulbs have managed to litter comments with painfully childish scrawls, Governor black seems poised on the edge of a nasty scandal, Bush gets some humility scared into him and is trying in vain to reverse the fact that people are finally seeing through the chinks in his propaganda armor and realizing just how utterly incompetent he is and has been. He's doing his Iraq thing again, recklessly promising endless billions without asking for any more of the country than asking Boy Scouts to help where they can.
He's ripping off the very people who need help by limiting their wages for rebuilding projects, but not even considering rolling back the juicy tax breaks for the rich or considering raising taxes as a way to spread the burden of the recovery costs.

He's been driving this country into the ditch, and now he's veered into the swamp. But who cares? As long as he can hold on a few more years, it will be generations to come who will end up paying the costs of his blunders.

The wheels are coming off the big, bad, Republican machine. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. (and girls).

Crooked Bush henchmen are getting pinched left and right, and the rampant corruption surrounding this administration which has been covered up so efficiently all these years is finally oozing to the surface. Some members of the press are even standing on their hind legs.

We'll soon be treated to the queasy pleasure of watching fat rats fleeing a sinking ship. I for one, feel it's not a moment too soon.

What else is going on? What's on your mind?


At 9/22/2005 1:00 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

The only rat I hope jumps ship is Bush himself. Isn't it about time for him to go hide somewhere a couple months again? I'd hope that Cindy Sheehan tracks him down again to ask her questions! Go Cindy.


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