September 21, 2005

Mowen starts campaign in a lonely way

Dispatch/Argus photo by Jenny Butler

Standing at a shopping center he called an example of his dedication to creating jobs, Jim Mowen announced he was seeking the 17th Congressional District seat.

Mr. Mowen, of Rock Island, joins Brian Gilliland in the Republican primary race. Andrea Zinga, who ran as a Republican in 2004, has also said she is considering another run. The winner will challenge 12-term Democratic incumbent Lane Evans.

"As a Republican, I believe that lean, effective government coupled with stringent fiscal responsibility are the keys to a prosperous America," Mr. Mowen said. "As a father in a young family, I know that morals and values matter as we raise the next generation of leaders." Shorter version: I want to continue to slash government and starve it to death financially, I willl promise to pander to the "morals and values" crowd, which are code words for religious right.

Mr. Mowen, 43, was joined at the announcement, at Deere Plaza, by his wife, Shayo, and 2-year-old son, Drew. A St. Ambrose University graduate, he has worked in commercial real estate since 1985. He and four partners founded Premier Partners in 1997. Deere Plaza is a project of Premier Partners. Translation: I was actually involved in completing a real estate project. Vote for me.

As congressman, Mr. Mowen said, he would protect private property rights, advocate expanded oil drilling and renewable fuels to reduce fuel prices, support pro-life issues, support the 2nd Amendment, work to stop illegal immigration, and make a balanced budget a high priority. Shorter version: I'll support the rush to drill for oil on pristine land even though it will supply a fraction of a years worth of oil, I'll work my tail off to criminalize women who choose abortion for any reason, I'll make sure the torrent of guns flooding our streets will continue unabated, I'll make noises about stopping the unstoppable flow of immigrants without doing anything about it because my superiors in the Republican party need those illegals to make their millions. Likewise, I'll make noises about a balanced budget even though my own party has exploded the deficit to unimaginable record levels.

He said he would be Rock Island Arsenal's "biggest cheerleader and advocate." Shorter version: I'll flap my lips about it even though there's nothing I can do.

"I've spent a career creating jobs and I will continue doing that as a congressman," he said. "I'd like to bring some pride into the district. Translation: I'll steal Bush's tactic and stealthily smear my opponent by implying that he has destroyed pride in the area and I'll bring it back. Remember how Bush said he'd bring back integrity to the White House? Hope not.

"I don't think there a community in the district can say that it is better off than it was 23 years ago," he said. Translation: I hope no one points out that almost no area of the entire country is better off than it was 23 years ago. My own party has been in charge for a long, long time now. Hope no one notices.

He called the federal budget deficit a concern but said taxes aren't the answer, saying that in the past, low taxes boosted economic prosperity. Shorter version: I believe in "trickle down" economics even though it's harmed the poor and middle class and ruined the economy every time it's been tried, including now. I also believe in the Easter Bunny.

Mr. Mowen also vowed to abide by a personal "oath of honor," and not get involved in negative campaigning. He also said he would abide by Federal Election Commission fundraising rules.

The Friends of Lane Evans was ordered by the FEC to pay a $185,000 fine earlier this year for fundraising violations dating back to the 2000 campaign. Mr. Mowen said he wasn't taking a jab at Mr. Evans for his pledge to follow FEC rules. Shorter version: I'm more than willing to lie through my teeth in this campaign.

"It is not a dig, but lays out what we want to do," Mr. Mowen said, as his nose grew 3 inches. (OK, I added that last part.)

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At 9/21/2005 9:41 AM, Blogger diehard said...

Jim Mowen blah ,blah,blah.

At 9/21/2005 11:36 PM, Blogger youngdem503 said...

Jim Mowen is the biggest crap sack since Andrea Zinga poked her pugg looking face around the Q.C.

At 9/22/2005 12:58 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Yeah - yu said it youngdem and Diehard.

Hey Dope, isn't Premier Partners the firm that is headed up by the wacky "millionare" local dentist? Remember their water and power got shut off for non pay in the QC at lots of complexes and they could be in bankruptcy now? I believe this even forced some families into a homeless situation-- do you remember any of this Dope?

If I am right, then Mowen should partner up on his campaign lit with the Republican runnin for Gov who has the slumlord complex in Joliet - what's his name??


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