September 15, 2005

Green Day at the Mark sends out best wishes to Bush

With a volcanic intensity and manic joy, Green Day electrified a near-capacity crowd of almost 10,000 with a brilliant, explosive concert at The Mark of the Quad Cities Wednesday night.

Boasting a set girded with hits from the band's current multi-platinum album, "American Idiot" and a generous array of familiar favorites from the act's previous 16 years of action, the show was nearly perfect in its execution.

"This next song is a big f--- you to George W. Bush," Armstrong screamed as an eardrum-rattling affirmation rose from the crowd and the band tore into the antiwar anthem "Holiday," generating a feverish, feral energy as the hit gathered momentum.


At 9/15/2005 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed that concert - darn. Now that I see the Bush bashing I am sad to have missed it.

What is funny is that three of the biggest Republicans at my office were there to see the comments--ha ha!!


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