July 2, 2005


"The Passing Parade" examines an issue which is sorely in need of attention in Illinois, namely, re-districting, or as it should be more properly called, at least in Illinois, gerrymandering.

John Beydler has a well reported post on the issue, which contrasts Iowa's rational method of drawing district boundaries with Illinois' almost perverse procedure.

To get a graphic picture of the results of the difference between the states, simply look at the Iowa Congressional District map, then take a gander at what they've ended up with in Illinois with particular attention to 17th district, surely one of the most bizarre looking districts in the country.

Beydler presents interesting information on just how Illinois comes up with it's districts (it comes down to drawing lots) and mentions that even the august Economist magazine of London points to the Illinois 17th district as a prime example of re-districting gone amok. Go read the piece here.


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