July 2, 2005

Sandra Day O'Connor announces retirement

The Supreme Court justice notable for her leaving a dinner party in disgust upon hearing initial reports that Al Gore might have won the presidency has announced her retirement from the bench. O'Connor had long been rumored to want to retire, but did not want a Democratic president to appoint her successor.

Nothing is better for thee than me.

I don't need to explain to you what a critical battle this sets up. Add to the mix the fact that Chief Justice Renquist is on his last legs and, well, we're facing the prospect of this illegitimate and radical administration getting to appoint not one, but two members to the Supreme Court.

To those of us that only pray for damage control until Bush is gone, this is serious, as it will have consequences that will far outlive the dark stain on our nation's history otherwise known as the Bush presidency. The Supreme Court already leans right by 5-4, so we're confronted with the possibility that it would become a 7-2 conservative court. I don't think that needs further explaination as to what effect that would have on this country.

More than any other single event, that could mean our country could be literally transformed into something it's never been before, and move even further into a corporatocracy with the force of law behind it. It would truly be a radical bench.


At 7/02/2005 8:30 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Consider what we were taught in Civics class as children and then get nauseated.

I remember being told by my 8th grade teacher (who always had huge displays about the GOP and took every chance to glorify the Republican party during class discussion) that the US Supreme Court justices and Chief Justice were the final interpreters of the law and that they did not get into politics since they were not elected.

They, he explained, were to be the elder wiser legal minds who would protect the constitution for us all, never inserting any political agendas, and ensure that the Congress did not do anything to deviate from what our founding fathers set forth for creation of our government. Ultimately, they would interpret the constitution and keep it from being changed in any way that would be damaging to our country.

Further, this teacher would preach often that the US had the absolute best form of government with our model of the "Balance of Power" and that the Supreme Court played an intregal role in that balance being even at all times.

Now reading Sandra's behaviour and the wife of (uggghhh) Clarence Thomas' actions I am saddened to think that we are coming to this.

How in the world can any of the justices think it's ok to push the religious right's agenda? And Clarence and his little sex harrassment past -- that still sickens me....

Well now it's pretty obvious that their resumes to get the appointment were not what I assumed at all - yet (gasp) we do have some political hacks sitting on the bench. This is the hallowed bench that is to keep our constitution from becoming diulted by any special interests.

What do the Republicans do to find these folks to put on the bench? Do they put an ad out in a right wing paper somewhere and give em someone like Karl Rove to contact for an intereview or something? This is nuts.

I do fear the future now - two openings on the bench for Georgie boy to play with --that's very bad for our future as a country.

At 7/02/2005 10:07 AM, Blogger texas QCer said...

Very well put, Someday. Specifically, I fear for the following (in random order):

1. Overturning Roe v. Wade
2. Legalizing School Prayer
3. Creationism being forced into the public school curriculum
4. Watering down of Affirmative Action
5. Loss of civil liberties if things like the Patriot Act go off the deep end
6. Enactment and validation of environmentally unfriendly laws

Who knows what else? I only hope I'm proven wrong.

At 7/02/2005 1:19 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Excellent Maybe...

You ponder how the right picks it's judicial candidates?
They actually have a rigorous system, complete with powerful well-funded groups and networks of conservative laywers. The central organization is the Federalists Society, populated by some of the most odious of right wing legal types, such as Ted Olsen, the lovely and charming Ken Starr, as well as Scalia and Thomas.
They actually have a long standing program to meticulously groom justices to share their radical interpretation of the constitution, which they consister "strict contructionism", but which is actually a perversion of what previous rulings have interpreted the constitution as meaning. And of course, it's like a fundementalist and the bible, they pick and choose and distort whatever section of the constitution they please to support their agenda.
The purport to KNOW just what the founding father's intent was when they wrote various parts of the constitution, and surprise! they meant things to be interpreted in a way that favors rthe adical corporatist fundementalist right wing.

At 7/02/2005 1:23 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...

I don't see how you're getting a 7-2 split though... Renquist is already on the right, so the only shift would be O'Connor, which would make it 6-3, right? And she wasn't exactly on the left before, but she wasn't on the right either.... hmm, that sounds like how its supposed to be.

At 7/02/2005 4:44 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

QCI... I seem to be having a lot of mental lapses lately. Maybe I should go get an MRI. sheesh.
You're correct. I just wasn't thinking straight.

At 7/03/2005 12:35 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Apparantly, according to the latest talking heads today - the appointment will be a woman - and that's all they are concentrating on soley one qualification only.

So I guess Nancy Grace is on the list - ugghhh -- and hey even a 10 year old female prodigy college student such as myself could be on the list - after all I am female which is all they are looking at. Any body have Karl Rove's phone number? They may consider me - after all - I could pretend to be a young republican - and since I have no voting history, they'd have to take me at my word!

Affirmative Action at it's finest hour - among the Republicans no less - the same folks who HATE any EEOC or Affirmative action plans....... How poetic.

At 7/03/2005 5:58 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Hey, the Republicans think Affirmative Action is Bad... bad,bad,bad.

And remember, Clarence Thomas was the most qualified person for the court, the fact that he was black had nothing to do with Bush Sr.s decision.

Good lord. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

At 7/04/2005 9:52 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Well Dope, I'd say based on the hypocracy of it all that the Clarence Thomas appointment was suggested to George the elder by Georgie boy, his son.

Can't you see envision the images that Georgie had bouncing around in his cavernous brain? Imagine the fun Georgie was thinking he could have at dinner parties with Clarence - exchanging dirty jokes and making sexual inuendoes for hours? Kinda like his coked up Frat party days in college.

At the time, Georgie had no idea he could be prez some day - and was probably looking for some entertainment to fill his hours shadowing his pappa on capitol hill when he wasn't in Texas spending the family dough.

This legacy of appointing the most hated Justice will never fall away for Bush the elder - as any females I talk to are still smarting over Clarence's behaviour during the process (Remember his comments about how this was all racial? I believe he said High Class Uppety Lynching?) and the way Antia Hill was treated by the "elders" of our Congress in the hearings.

It even cost Al the Pal Dixon his coveted seat at the table - which was small consolation for the fact that we still have Clarence around for a long time barring any future health problems.

Sad sad sad sad.

Today, they are talkin about the nut job Gonzales being considered- so they are not necessiarily gonna appoint a woman after all. They will wait for Reinquist and then maybe even it out again with a woman.


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