June 30, 2005

You learn something every day

This is something I admit I did not know. The former director of "Renew Moline", Rick Anderson, was a "loaned" executive from Deere & Co.
Mr. Anderson was a loaned executive from Deere and Co. In addition to his job as a Deere human resources executive -- from which he retired in August 2004 -- and his time as president/CEO of Renew, Mr. Anderson was a Moline alderman for two terms, once in the mid-1970s and the other in the early 1990s.
That explains a lot.


At 6/30/2005 7:30 PM, Blogger illinoisone said...

His party was as sparsely attended as the Mayor's going away kiss ass party was. Look at the picture in the paper. He looked like he had about 4 people there to say good bye.

Hope the City did not pay for that party too.......


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