June 11, 2005

Take the gloves off

In light of the recent pillorying of Howard Dean for actually getting a bit harsh on loathsome Republicans, and my longstanding frustration with Dems who feel that we have to focus on cozying up to rednecks and religious zealots and the like by moving closer to the ridiculous positions used by the right to pander to these people's basest emotions and prejudices, the following statement makes sense.

Via Atrios...

From Rick Perlstein, TAP (The American Prospect) 12/6/04:

We talk about southern culture, blue-collar culture, NASCAR culture -- which overlaps, in complicated ways, with evangelical culture. Certainly one tenet they all share is this: When somebody punches you in the gut, you don't smile, stride halfway between his position and yours, and say that maybe the guy has a point. Behaving like that is precisely what has made the Democrats look so unsympathetically unfocused and confused to so many people.

Howard Dean is presiding over a Democratic strategy session on C-Span as I type. I feel that far from going along with roughing up Dean, we should be glad that we have someone with the courage and sense to start hitting back and show the oh-so-macho redneck tough-guy voters who have slid over to the other side that not all Democrats are wimps whose response to getting slapped around is "Thank you Sir, may I have another?"


At 6/11/2005 10:30 PM, Blogger diehard said...

The amazing thing is that the Republicans have been able to do mass hypnonitc instruction from the right.
If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and other right wing media[which is just about all of it since Bush /11, it has the same rhythm to it.
The 'Liberals are bad' but you who are listening to me while you are driving home from work are good!
If you notice around election time Rush and his copiers will never say anything bad about belonging to a union. That way he can lull union members into thinking the Republican party is not really against unions.
When in reality they want total annilatin of every union. It's really the only thing they care about.
Do you really think Dick Cheney gives a shit if some 14 year old girl in a trailer park in mid- America gets an abortion.
But thats all the pillhead Rush will talk about. Oh by the way since terminal cancer patients cant have pot anymore can Rush still get his prescription fat guy drugs?

At 6/11/2005 11:04 PM, Blogger politicalwind said...

Diehard, you make some excellent points. Rush Limbaugh seems to have at least a third of this nation in an unthinking trance that fails to see the hypocrisy in their politics.

Let's hope Al Franken and others continue to pick up some PR steam throughout the nation.

But I am not sold on Howard Dean's style or substance. I like his spunk, but I think his penchant for from-the-hip comments is getting us into trouble at times.
For me, the issue isn't whether someone has the spunk or backbone to say tough things; it's whether someone has the right message and I'm not sure Dean is an effective spokesman.

But I'm willing to give him some time and I like his emphasis on the red states. We can't keep waking up every four years with fewer and fewer states in our column. That is a losing strategy.

At 6/12/2005 9:43 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

The Democrats need to stop trusting the Republicans to make the decisions for them. This is not supposed to be an aristocracy but a Democracy.

Total Republican control in DC is why the working class has slipped so far down working harder for less money.

The Republicans making decisions for the worker has resulted in most corporate expansion moving the good manufacturing jobs overseas and the lawmakers giving the Corporate structure encouragement and a pat on the back with tax incentives to take away our jobs.

In simple terms:
Bush and Co are in power.
Corporations gain more power in the laws daily from Bush.
Workers see their jobs gone or paying less.
Expansion and job additions happen outside US soil daily.
Corporations save tons of money by paying sub-human wages to foreigners.

The answer is America should go back to the old way of thinking - to keep the US prosperity in growth mode - the average worker in the US needs to have money to buy the goods made here.YES MADE HERE>>>>

All of the first reality list of actions only satisfies the stockholders and investers who hold all the chips now.

The flaw is --at some point, the middle class can die out or reduce (like now) and either you make it big or work in jobs that don't pay living wages.

Divert the train wreck by voting for candidates based on their stance on the working class and those issues. Forget about all the fluff stuff and the religious issues that are best left decided by parents in homes and churches.

Make voting a business issue for yourself - not one based on emotion. Think more like an investor and win.

At the end of the day it's all about money.

For God's sake - go to the dam polls each and every time! No excuses...... if you stay at home, you give it over to the powerful few and you loose in the end.

At 6/12/2005 5:11 PM, Blogger texas QCer said...

Maybesomeday, I agree with your message and applaud your passion. You're right - the middle class is shrinking and the gap between the very wealthy and the rest of us is widening at an alarming rate, helped along by the Bush Administration policies.

There is no faster way to impact this direction than to do exactly as you say and vote for the right candidate (not the "Right" candidate!).

One thing we can learn from the Republicans is how to create and drive the political grass roots machine. They are very effective at fund raising and developing propaganda that appeals to their base. The biggest weakness in their machine is that they put forth dopey candidates, yet they still find a way to win.

Unless things change for the Dems, it will take someone of superstar magnitude to win back the presidency (when will you be ready, Mr. Obama?). I hope Howard Dean can develop that passion in our party to put us back in a majority position by the time '08 rolls around.

At 6/13/2005 8:25 PM, Blogger Milton said...

Dean is just doing the James Carville style of politicing.

At 6/13/2005 9:17 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Milton, what's wrong with that if it can get the results Carville got? I say go Dean - go go go...

Texas QCer - yes, thanks for the kind words. Sadly yes, we continue to see "dopey" Republican candidates at all levels that win even in our city elections - look at Don Welvaert for example........

The people can be too easily fooled. Let's hope we can get some leaders soon with the star power you mention. We need people with magnatisim and good skills to get a strong simple message that connects with the average joe out there.
Obama is one for the job - whom else is there out there that can attract that type of attention? Any suggestions??


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