June 10, 2005

Area pharmacist sues Blago over contraceptive ruling

Luke Vander Bleek of Morrison is apparently a confused Christian. He's also a pharmacist and pharmacy owner who's allowing himself to be used by an organization with the grandiose name "Center for Rights of Conscience of Americans United for Life", who are representing him in a lawsuit against Gov. Blagojevich challenging his order that pharmacies either dispense contraceptives or not. It prevents them from picking and chosing just which contraceptives they feel is OK to provide and which aren't.

This requires a little explanation. The Governor's order requires that pharmacies make a business decision to either stock and dispense methods of contraception, or not.

And these "fundy farmacists" are misguided about the science involved in the issue as well. These holy drug dealers are so committed to their consciences that they not only won't use the "morning after" contraceptive pill, they don't want anyone else to either. Apparently it's their job to impose their beliefs on others.

But they want to be able to continue to sell other forms of contraceptive such as condoms. Why? Well, here's where they're uninformed dupes. They believe that since you have to use condoms and birth control pills before conception that they're OK. They think the morning after pill somehow amounts to abortion. But they're wrong.

The morning after pill is simply a special dose of birth control pills and works the same way as regular birth control pills, preventing the fertilization and implantation of eggs.

Yet these moralists think it's a form of abortion since a woman can take it shortly after intercourse.

The aptly named Vander Bleek's suit is the third suit filed against the state, but the first by an owner of pharmacies. They expect his suit to be heard and the others dismissed, as they are filed by pharmacists and the rulling only applies to pharmacies themselves.

These religious moralists are not concerned about contraception or the fact that this pill is NOT abortion, as they insist. They know this. They're just really upset that a woman out there somewhere is actually having sex [GASP] FOR PLEASURE and not reproduction. This is their hang-up, and this guy is willing to go to court to try to impose his hang-ups on everyone. In the article, it explains how Vander Bleek has refused to fill precriptions for the morning after pill on a few occasions and how instead, he lectures the woman about his moral beliefs, likely providing misleading and false information. This is a direlection of their duty in anyone's book.

I'm waiting with glee for the logical outcome of all this, namely, when a woman who is refused contraception and preached to instead sues the bejesus out of a pharmacy when it results in an unwanted pregnancy.

More arguments and details here.


At 6/11/2005 6:34 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Interesting that the men seem to care much more about regulating women's bodies.

If the tables were turned and the laws were put into place to restrict some of the types of procedures deemed necessessary for strictly male biology I wonder what would happen??

We have already seen some bias in the way that drugs such as viagra and cialis have been doled out (no pun intended - sorry Bob Dole) even allowing convicted sex offenders to have these pills when on parole.

At 6/12/2005 7:07 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Comon - where are all the male comments here? Shouldn't the brother be defended with his cause????

I don't agree with him but I know there are plenty some in elected office today in the QC who agree with this guy. Show yourselves chickens instead of hiding your true colors.

At 6/13/2005 11:43 AM, Blogger diehard said...

Yes the that enlighnent group that thinks that with the worlds population spiraling out of control we dont need birth control!


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