June 16, 2005


The much talked about "Memos of Understanding" which flew like confetti during the recent state budget negotiations, and which serve as a graphic reminder of how little even Democrats trust Blagojevich, have been posted online on Speaker Madigan's House Dem web site.

As the Sun Times explains:
The governor who campaigned against government waste and a powerful lawmaker who has criticized him for excessive spending tacked at least $20 million onto the budget for special projects demanded by rank-and-file legislators.

The extra spending, outlined in ''memorandums of understanding,'' was approved outside of the normal appropriations process.
Many of the memos posted on Madigan's site are pdf files which are clear and only contain the text of the memo, but many of them are just sloppy scans of faxed memos, and they list the "To:" and "From:" phone numbers, the state agency they were faxed from, and sometimes the sender's name. Pretty sloppy work from Madigan's staff. If someone really wanted, they could do reverse look-ups on line and find out whose phone numbers these are.

In poking around amongst the memos, I checked out one memo which dealt with a Millstone Dental Clinic. And strangly enough, the "From:" field of the fax was from "Huddleston McBride Drainage Co." Huh? What the hell does a drainage tile company have to do with funding a dental care project for the poor?

A bit of googleing showed that the firm is a large contractor for Cook county and the surrounding area, whose work often hinges on DNR regulations for reclamation of wetlands, etc.

And take a peek at this revealing memo to do with money to go to the Metropolitan Apostolic Community Church for after school programs. Evidently Illinois tax payers are forking it over for "faith-based" projects.(another memo gives $150,000 to another church for the same thing.)

Notice the original amount the state was to cough up and the amount then written in at some later point by Lovana Jones, D-26th District, the legislator who was pushing for this. She does good work! Just cross out the original amount and write in an amount nearly 6 times larger!


At 6/16/2005 7:14 AM, Blogger illinoisone said...

Dope, you hit it dead center on one of these. The Faith Based initiative idea that Bush has been doing since he was appointed to office is a big problem.

Our homeless and poor really don't like being forced into religion to get a meal and a bed yet that is exactly what is happening and no one with any power is making any waves. Thus the poor continue to live under the radar beneath bridges and on heat ducts in back alleyways.

If the president thinks it's ok to force religion on folks then so be it - the people do no complaining. That is just sad.

Wasn't freedom of religion the reason the Mayflower sailed here in the first place? How soon we forget what we have fought for. It's not the flag, it's not God, it's individual freedom.

This is a pathetic sympton of the cancer that is growing in our country if -- gasp....oh horror now----

The States are following the lead of our airhead right wing fundamentalist 'president'.

What is it going to take to stop the madness?

At 6/16/2005 12:49 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...

I notice the majority of those memos had to do with Chicago issues too. Who cares about other parts of the state.

At 6/16/2005 2:10 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

QC Images - yu are correct here and especially with the waste that has been shown by the Dope. Doesn't enough money get budgeted in Chicago with out some extra pork tossed their way?

Sounds like no one is held accountable unless the voters do something about it.

Since the media is ignoring this - I guess the "sh--t" won't roll downhill - but will be diverted in a rain gutter and never even touch the ones who sat on the hill and made it for us all to swallow.


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