June 16, 2005

Arsenal gets $129,000,000 contract

The Arsenal Island-based Tank-automotive and Armaments Command awarded $129 million in new work to the military base's manufacturing center on Wednesday.

The money, part of an $81 billion supplemental spending bill the federal government approved last month, will be used to build 35 new howitzers and 620 mobile maintenance units, Arsenal officials said.

Howitzers are being made to outfit the Army's new brigade structure, with $31 million as the initial investment in what is expected to be a $209 million endeavor to build 405 M119A2 howitzers through 2011.


At 6/16/2005 7:20 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

I don't understand this wastful excercise of BRAC now.... This just shows it's a dumb idea.

If there is all this work at our Arsenal - and I am happy there is work for our area, why shuffle the workers around the country at great expense? Why close any of the bases? Shouldn't we save resources to continue to support the troops that we have overseas fighting now?

Last time I checked, the US was racking up some big debt and needed to be more senseable about financials.

I don't support the idea of this war - never did - but just ask the average person about it and they will say - 'we had to go - we had no choice'. Then ask them to explain. They never quite can can they?

The Prez wants a big war to continue yet he allows the process to get all mucked up. Meanwhile, there are still questions about the memo Blair had going in July 2002....

Poor leadership on the part of all involved here.


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