June 4, 2005

Mehlman appearing on Meet the Press

Chinless wonder Ken Mehlman, former Bush-Cheney campaign chair and newly appointed chair of the Republican National Committee (and reputed homosexual) is to appear on Meet the Press for the entire hour. Tune in to watch Tim give Ken a foot massage.


At 6/05/2005 7:29 PM, Blogger diehard said...

Yeah Dope I watched that. He did stay on message.
When Hillary was brought up and the fact that she had moved towards the center, [which I happen to think is bullshit, if your a Democrat run as a Democrat}
Mehlman brought up the pro-life stuff. I don't remember him mentioning the Gay bashing stuff although he oddley enough will participate in it at some point in the 2008 campaign.
Yeah that terrible Hillary Clinton that wanted to nationalize healthcare. So, like anybody that was sick could go see a doctor. Socialist!!
I would probably vote for her. I dont like her vote on the Iraq / George Bush re-election war.
I didn't like Bill on the NAFTA stuff but what's an American to do? I'm tired of not having a President!


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