June 3, 2005

Meet Republican Singles

I've noticed that an ad is showing up in the sidebar entitled "Meet Republican Singles". I enourage single Dems to boldly go to this hotbed of repressed sensuality and see if you can find someone who isn't too twisted. Then perhaps when they see how fun it is to be a Democrat, you'll make a convert.

Those Dems that are attached can still visit the site, as I'm sure it's good for several laughs. (Like the last time I browsed on Sean Hannities hook-up service for conservative singles. Wow! Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.)

And to our valued Republican readers, especially those that are married, go check it out. Maybe you can find a partner to engage in some hot monkey sex with and then afterwards enjoy that redeeming glow of hypocrisy condemning those immoral liberals.

Or you could find a nice Republican girl and date endlessly without sex. The repression and frustration should result in both of you building up an amazing amount of hate and resentment towards those evil liberals who you are sure are out there somewhere having a lot of (evil) fun, while you, being morally superior, are left to develop and nurture a host of psychological hang-ups.


At 6/03/2005 6:53 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Dope, no one has anything to say about this - how surprising? Maybe the Republicans are all spoken for and don't need to look for love. Well, I am not single but could not resist a peek for some laughs and what did I find? I spent little time but did look at the front pages. Predictably the site is entirely caucasian - apparantly the message is that only white folks would be Republicans in reality. They are very excluive here.

So all this hype of Condi Rice and Colin Powell, Ugh-- Clarence Thomas, and other "minority" leaders in the Republican party is just a front really. The Republicans do not and will not embrace anyone not of the white shortbread cookie cutter mold modeled on thier web site for singles. Perhaps those who are in the minority are smarter than the caucasians who patronize this little URL.

Are there any non-white Republicans in the QC area? If so, please comment. I'd be interested in why you would identify with the group especially after you view the web site in question here.

At 6/03/2005 10:10 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

I actually just submitted a profile. Of course, I used a buddy's name, and came up with as many Republican-type responses as I could. For example, my favorite charity is the NRA. My favorite activity is watching the fair and balanced coverage on the Fox News Channel. My favorite movie star is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I am going to leave you suckers and run off with some hot Republican.

At 6/04/2005 2:28 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Damn you Dissenter, damn you!! You're always one step ahead. Just for that, I hope you end up with someone like Maria Shriver who looks like one of those carved and dehydrated apple head people.

And I hope you end up sitting in your Barcalounger with your blonde she-nazi wife saying, "You know, that Sean Hannity really should run for office." and you saying, "Yes dear, you're absolutely right."

Actually, that was a bit harsh. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

At 6/04/2005 8:33 AM, Blogger Dissenter said...

First, you support my marriage to Maria Schriver. Then, you claim to oppose it. You democrats are the same: flip-floppers all.


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