May 31, 2005

What we're missing on the Illinois Channel

This week's highlights, from the Illiniois Channel:

May 31, 2005

From the State Capitol: Howard Peters III, Sr. Vice President with the Illinois Hospital Association, dis­cusses the legislature’s agreeing to place caps on non-economic damages in Medical Malpractice cases.

From Springfield: Greg Baise, President of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, discusses how a new law will reform Illinois’ Workers Compensation law and may lead to savings for Illinois businesses.

From the State Capitol: State Representative Mike Boland (D) discusses legislation that would create a new lottery game designed to pay for additional Health Care for Veterans.

From Capitol Hill: Illinois Senators Dick Durbin (D) and Barack Obama (D) brief Illinois residents on a series of issues being debated within Congress.

From the State Supreme Court in Springfield: the case of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce v. State Budget Director John Filan. This case addresses the constitutionality of raising business fees to cover the cost of general government operations.

Video-stream: With a broadband Internet connection, each program can be video-streamed separately by going to and clicking on the pro­gram’s photo.


At 6/05/2005 1:29 PM, Blogger illinoisone said...

I don't need this channel as it will simply be a way for some opportunistic folks to get their faces on camera. No thanks.


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