June 22, 2005

A bit of context

Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid yesterday provided a compilation that included, among other things, a statement from Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) last year in which he said the Kyoto Protocol "would deal a powerful blow on the whole [of] humanity similar to the one humanity experienced when Nazism and Communism flourished." Reid's office also charged that Inhofe and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) had compared the Environmental Protection Agency to the Gestapo, that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) had "linked stem cell research to Nazism" and that former Republican senator Phil Gramm "compared a Democratic tax plan to Nazi law."
I have no doubt that our new friend Dave was screaming bloody murder and calling for these politician's head on a platter. Right, Dave?

How interesting that Dave, after feigning outrage about Durbin as if he'd committed a mortal sin, later mocks Durbin for apologizing and implies he's a "cry baby."

See how the "Strict Father" right sees everything? It doesn't matter if it's lunacy, it doesn't matter if it even makes sense, it doesn't matter if the results are death and destruction, it doesn't even matter if it destroys democracy and the country, as long as it's "manly" and you never think about your decisions, never look back, and just plunge stupidly onward like a real manly man.

It's this same form of insanity that has been responsible for almost every backward, horrible, tragic, and destructive event in history. It's as if we're regressing back into the dark ages, with mindless drones comitting gross sins in the name of God, and leaders manipulating the ignorant masses to do their bidding.

And with the super-elite around the world abandoning their traditional nationalism (they have run their respective areas of the world for centuries) in favor of banding together (think of how Luciano finally stopped the wars between Mafia families and created the "commission" for settling beefs and dividing the spoils), all that's left for us drones is the power of the vote. And they're systematically trying to control that as well, through electronic voting, etc.

If you're not alarmed, you're not paying attention.

And when if finally dawns on us that we're living in a quasi-dictatorship, who will be to blame? People like Dave who were only too willing to swallow the crap and wave the banner for the destruction of their own freedom and rah-rahed all the way to becoming members of a permanent economic underclass? Or those who do see the writing on the wall and were too timid to speak out or take action?


At 6/23/2005 6:54 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Any Nazi reference will lose you the argument.

According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, "There is a tradition in many Usenet newsgroups that once such a comparison is made, the thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress."

MY point is Durbin is a political hack. If you can't see the difference in comparing our military to Nazi's in a time of war and comparing the EPA to Nazi's, then I don't know what to tell you. Both wrong, one worse than the other. Durbin's apology was disengenuos, and so where the tears. The silence from supporters such as The Dope is deafening after his "apology". His motives were purely political.

So he slinks to the mic on the Senate floor and sheds a few tears to stop the drumbeat after defending his comments for a week.

At 6/23/2005 4:12 PM, Blogger politicalwind said...


Clever. But let's talk about Rumsfeld. He has twice offered his resignation to the President, because he knows he's failed at his job. That's refreshing.

Why can't the rest of the members of this administration step up to the plate like Durbin did and apologize. Where is the President's apology for sending the deficit to mars during his 5 years in office (he inherited a SURPLUS from Clinton)? Where is the apology from Rice and Cheney for not having an exit strategy from Iraq?

I mean, let's show some honest to goodness responsibility here. That's what leadership is.

At 6/24/2005 10:45 AM, Blogger diehard said...

I have grown to like Harry Reid. He is a substince guy on the issues. And he is a good arguer!


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