June 29, 2005

African Americans, the GOP wants YOU!

It's long been apparent that the Republican party is working day and night to try to convince African American voters that the party of David Duke and Strom Thurmond is really their home. They're fully aware that if you take away the black vote from the Democratic party, the party is toast, and if you can bleed off enough, the Dems would barely be able to stay in the game.

This is manifested by massive efforts to recruit and pay handsomely any black person who is willing to go on air or in print and suspend reality long enough to argue that the Democrats actually don't give a damn about blacks, but Republicans are the party that cares and will lead to their salvation.

During the unpleasantness of the year past, I signed up under an assumed name to become a Republican "Team Leader". This enables me to get e-mail updates on a variety of issues, such as Black Issues.

Here's what graced my inbox tonight:
Dear Billy, (my "GOP name" is Billy.)

Last year, the Grand Old Party celebrated it's 150th Birthday. During those 150 years, Republican leaders defied Democrats by drafting and championing the Emancipation Proclamation, the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the constitution - ending slavery, guaranteeing equal protection under the law, and guaranteeing voting rights for all Americans.

Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke and other African Americans are taking a closer look at the Republican Party because of the GOP's long and consistent record of championing the rights of all Americans.

In a June 2005 article, Clarke writes that John Rice (father of U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice) recognized decades ago that the GOP sought to empower African Americans and favored "self-reliance over government social service programs." In Clarke's words, Democrats "want blind allegiance, even for things I don't believe in."

You can read David Clarke's complete article by clicking here, or you can see excerpts from the article below. Then send a letter to the editor of your local paper telling them when and why you became a Republican.


Deana Bass
Director of African American Coalitions

The GOP is light-years ahead of the Dems on web presence and organization. Their site is idiot proof, as by definition it must be, and it is very simple to punch in your zip code and receive an amazingly complete list of media outlets complete with on-air personalities and contact info. They have an incredibly advanced and well-designed web presence that makes it easy as pie for throw-backs to make their rants heard all over the press.

At any rate, since the GOP was so kind as to spend untold millions setting up this service, I suggest we all go to the lower "send a letter" link above and bookmark the site. Then simply enter your zip code and they'll make sure your views get to the appropriate places. It's a great resource for when you want to contact local media about liberal issues. And all thanks to the GOP! For once they're useful.


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