March 20, 2005

Shiavo case highlights Republican disingenousness

Ed Kilgore of New Donkey, substitute blogging for Joshua Micah Marshall at Talking Points Memo, writes a good piece highlighting how cynically the right is using the Shiavo tragedy for their own purposes. Which wouldn't be bad if that was all they were doing. But the fact remains that they are very selective about the "culture of life" they bray about.
But this time, I suspect the transparent cynicism of the we're-absolutists-on-life-if-it's-in-the-news posture of the GOP may backfire. It is very hard to pose as a pro-family, pro-states-rights, anti-Washington political party when you call Congress into an "emergency session" to interfere with the laws of Florida and the prerogatives of one poor husband trying to respect his wife's wishes. If, as we are told, George W. Bush is about to lend his authority and signature to this disgraceful exhibit of overweening government power, the persistant media idea that he's just a genial well-meaning man who happens to preside over a party of loony extremists and corrupt hacks needs to die a natural death.


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