March 3, 2005

Love is blind

From the Dispatch another item for the Violent (and weird) QC's file...

According to police testimony from an earlier hearing, Ms. Jones stayed the night of June 3, 2004, at the Moline Holiday Inn with two friends. When they left the motel the next day, Mr. Jones allegedly chased them and ran the car off the road, police testified. Mrs. Jones then got in Mr. Jones' vehicle and left with him, police have said.

Police allege Mr. Jones then drove to rural Mercer County, where Mrs. Jones was set on fire. Witnesses saw her and called authorities, police have said.

Kristopher Jones is charged with heinous battery for allegedly setting Mrs. Jones on fire June 4, 2004. He has pleaded innocent to the charge, and is scheduled to be back in court March 10 for a case status hearing.

Last month, Mrs. Jones told a judge she'd like her husband "home with me," and that she'd have no fear if he were to move in with her.

You see, it was all just a little mix up. Sure, I'm scarred for life, but it was probably my fault. Please let him come back, I mean, if he didn't love me, would he have set me on fire?


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