March 8, 2005

Chicago St. Paddy's Day parade

Any Dopesters that find themselves in or near Chicago on March 12th might want to join in the city's 50th Annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade. The event steps off at noon.
There should be no shortage of Dems to march with. Take your pick.

But don't let this happen to you.

And for the children out there, this is NOT The Dope.

(and it damn well better not be anyone's uncle either!)


At 3/08/2005 6:54 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

This interesting topic triggers my recollection of an important lesson in the world of politics. It is a lesson that demonstrates to us that in the world of politics, one year can change the whole world over.

On St. Patrick's Day just one year ago, I marched in the Chicago parade on behalf of a wonderful man. His name was Barack Obama. Perhaps you might have heard of him in the past year or so.

But one year ago, then State Senator Obama was running in a hotly contested primary race. At the time, Mayor Daley and his loyal followers strongly supported Dan Hynes. We who supported Barack Obama were greeted by angry city officials at the beginning of the parade route. We were told that we could not march in our intended position, and that we would be re-positioned such that we would be the last marchers in the long, cold parade. When we argued, we were met with intensely angry yelling by parade officials who commanded us to shut up and go to the end of the line. Out of a desire to avoid any disturbance, we complied without further protest. (Later, in a Chicago Sun-Times article, the city officials who managed the parade route would deny that this ever occurred. But I was there. And I was a part of it). Finally, we marched on behalf of our beloved Senator Barack Obama. As we attempted to hand out stickers and buttons, many in the crowd threw them back at us. I remember, quite distinctly, a man with his young daughter on his shoulders. She could not have been more than three. She smiled broadly as she reached out for an Obama sticker, and as I handed one to her, he told her to "throw it back." He exclaimed, "I am not going to vote for Osama Bin Laden." Throughout the parade route, many yelled, "Go home Osama" as we marched on.

As we approached the end of the parade route, we were met by a rather large group of spectators who apparently did know something about the great man for whom we marched. They cheered and applauded, as they begged us for the stickers and buttons that bore his funny name. Their roar was, for a moment, almost deafening. And in that moment, a dramatic one for me, I suspected that a great change just might be afoot.

That was one year ago, on St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. One year in the world of politics. One year that changed the whole world over.

At 3/08/2005 8:03 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You should be proud you were "Obama" before "Obama" was cool.

The Dope is also close personal friends with Barack. So close I'm #3 on his speed dial.

At 3/08/2005 10:21 PM, Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

My St. Patty's Day was worse than yours.

I got "requested" to be in a parade by the newspaper I write a column for.

When the float starts to roll, it hits one of my fellow columnists and knocks him to the ground. His head hits the McAdam and starts bleeding.

The float tire then rolls onto him and his "privates", as our editor called 'em. The driver then backed-up the float onto his other leg.

I helped lift the float off of him and then my editor asked me to accompany her to the ER. She's new and doesn't know the area. Later I went and picked-up the guys car and drove it to the ER.

I then ended-up drinking too much--my editor later gave me some grief for letting a public official buy me drinks--and puked in my living room, which my housemate had to clean up.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

At 3/08/2005 10:41 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

If you are number 3, who are numbers 1 and 2?

At 3/08/2005 10:52 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

We have a winner!!! Carl Nyberg wins the "most lousy, mixed up, completely horrible day" award!

That's hilarious!! (though I'm sure it wasn't at the time!)

I mean, what DIDN'T go wrong?

At 3/08/2005 10:58 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I hope his wife is #1, and then.... hmmm. Maybe we should have a contest.. "Who would be #2 on Barack's speed dial?"

Any guesses?

At 3/09/2005 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What do you think about Condi, states can't hear class-action suits, and (probably) coal pollution?

At 3/10/2005 7:28 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

The political power and symbolism of the Chicago St. Patty's Parade has been on display for many years. Perhaps the last great soap opera occurred in March 1980, when then Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne did an about face and quickly endorsed Ted Kennedy for President (over incumbent Jimmy Carter). Kennedy swooped into Chicago to march at the head of the parade with Her Honor -- a move that caused the Carter Democrats in Chicago to hoot and hollar at Kennedy and Byre. Kennedy, regretfully, went onto lose the Illinois primary and the nomination to Carter who then lost to Reagan.

At 3/12/2005 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is the big Rock Island St. Patty's Parade, Dope? I assume all festivities are next weekend.
Time? Place? Location?

Will we see you there, with your little shamrocks??

At 3/13/2005 3:00 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Au contraire, my anonymous friend. The festivities have already occured on Friday March 11th. (though almost no one was aware of it) Rumor has it that the Jacobs threw their traditional bacchanalia at Hunter's in Rock Island and a festive time was had by all.

At 3/14/2005 1:29 PM, Anonymous corn husker said...

What is a bacchanala? I even looked it up.

At 3/14/2005 2:02 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Well Corny... first you've got to spell it correctly. That helps when you're looking something up.
But to spare you more difficulty, it's a term that refers to big, boisterous partys.

Here's the definition. I was referring to the first definintion, though I wasn't there, so I don't know if the second applies or not. ;-)

Main Entry: bac·cha·na·lia
Pronunciation: "ba-k&-'nAl-y&, 'bä-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural bacchanalia
Etymology: Latin, from Bacchus
1 plural, capitalized : a Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry
2 : ORGY 2, 3
- bac·cha·na·lian /-'nAl-y&n/ adjective or noun

To hear how it's pronounced, just click here.

At 3/15/2005 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Dope a fine time was had by all at Hunter's club on Saturday for the parade. Sorry we missed you!

At 3/15/2005 7:18 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I'm sorry to have missed the Jacobs party as well. I've heard about it in the past and have always wanted to experience it for myself. Alas, I made it to the parade, but didn't make it to Hunters, though I did know some people who attended and whom could only tell me about it and make me wish I had been there.

At 3/16/2005 12:42 PM, Anonymous corn husker said...

Please reprint this photo for St. Paddy's day. It makes me want green beer!


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