March 7, 2005

On-the-ball Democrats

Word is that the announcement of the March 7th Democratic Central Committee meeting has actually arrived in mailboxes today, March 7th. So those interested in attending who didn't get to their mail by 5:00 or so would miss it completely.

And it's reported the mailing didn't even have the usual minimum of at least one typo. So hat's off to alert Dems!

The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Moline V.F.W. 1721 7th Street in Moline.


At 3/07/2005 10:51 PM, Anonymous Sting said...

I think the Democrats around here need to worry less about having meetings and parties and worry more about creating good ideas for the good of the area.

At 3/08/2005 2:49 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Local, grass-roots organization is key and will become even more important into the future. In that respect, meetings are important. The trains need to run on time.

But Sting's point is well taken.

There is precious little evidence of any IDEAS, overarching goals, rallying point issues, or the sort of larger issues that grabs people emotionally on a gut level. Nor does there appear to be a clear issues agenda within the local party.

While everyone doubtless has their reasons for supporting and working for the party, and some are no doubt noble, it sometimes seems that it's only people who profit financially from the party or those with influence to be gained or held onto that are involved.

In that respect it's become more like a business, and as such, is pretty bloodless and sterile. Yes, that side of things has always been around, and doubtlessly that aspect is natural and will always remain.

But what's missing are people engaged in the issues with a common awarness and passion about what's going on around them. There are crucial things that are being pushed at the national level which inevitably affects even the smallest local race.

The figures in the local party have lost something, and they appear to just go through the motions to hold onto the status quo.

And perhaps the most glaring thing missing in all of it is people having FUN! This stuff should be, and certainly can be, FUN, pure and simple. Hard work, yes, but fun as well. (not to say that no one is having fun, but it could be fun to a lot more people.)

The Dems superiority in the area will become a rapidly shrinking blue island if nothing is done to break out of the box and get more people from more areas of life both interested and involved. (believe it or not, there's actually people out there that aren't union, a lawyer, a politician, their family or staff, or someone who profits from politics. I know it's shocking, but I'm not joking.)

If there ever was a time when those who don't want to sit back and watch our country turned into a corporatocracy, plutocracy, or theocracy could be organized and mobilized, this is it.

This administration has been equal opportunity when it comes to doing something that negatively impacts nearly everyone, though not enough people are even aware of it.

There are countless people who truly don't like what's happening, but are frustrated and apathetic due to the fact that no one reaches out to them and they see nothing that they can relate to available.

They don't want to attend dry, dull meetings and nibble on limp celery sticks in an overly lit smoky hall. Why not have smaller meetings at comfortable locations such as coffee shops, private homes, etc.? The technology to organize such "meet-ups" is readily available and simple to use.

Maybe the "party of the people" ought to think about getting some involved.

If the local Dems overlook this golden opportunity to get new people involved and give itself a shot of vitality, it will be a shame. And don't think that we couldn't all wake up some day and find that the Republicans have completely taken over the area.

Ask the national party.

At 3/08/2005 2:50 AM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Right on, both Dope and Sting.

I have made these observations for years. While we have many civic-minded public officials in the area, I think we can do better in terms of ideas and issues.


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