March 8, 2005

Thank God for Helen Thomas

The woman who has covered nine presidents beginning with JFK has said that George W. Bush is "the worst president in all of American history." If anyone should know, it would be Helen Thomas.

She's truly the last of a breed. The dogged, independent, fearless reporter who for over 57 years as a reporter and almost 45 years covering the White House has embodied what the press corp should be. Thomas shows by contrast just how terribly the national press has abandoned it's traditional role as watchdogs on behalf of the public.

A New York state paper covered her recent appearance at a symposium and as always, she provided some illuminating remarks.

Another good piece on her appearance at MIT.


At 3/08/2005 1:25 PM, Anonymous Outside Pope said...

Maybe Helen is running an anonymous blog also.

At 3/08/2005 2:18 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Somehow I doubt it.

Run along and play a video game or something. Haven't you got homework to do?

At 3/08/2005 4:52 PM, Blogger SilvisAztec said...

Helen Thomas KNOWS what she's talking about...

At 3/08/2005 5:04 PM, Anonymous Andy Norb said...

Not only that, but the National Press Club wouldn't admit women as members until the 70s. She really blazed a trail as a female reporter.


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