November 5, 2008

Things up with which we will no longer have to put

There are many profound reasons to be joyful and grateful and proud today that we Americans finally got one right. But there are equally as many reasons to be glad for what we'll no longer have to endure. It's truly the end of an error.

Aside the election of a leader of grace, intelligence, and vision, it is a great triumph for humanity by simply ending the destructive, thoughtless, and incredibly belligerent and arrogant policies of the Republican era.

With radical fundamentalism, political, religious, and economic, having failed miserably and dealt a resounding, "Enough!" by the majority of Americans, the country and the planet will no longer have to suffer from Neo-con radicals and rigid right-wing ideologues twisting our country to fit their radical, flawed and doomed to fail theories and notions, which were, after all, nothing but dressed up rationales for indulging in selfish and violent attempts to increase their personal wealth and expand their hold on power.

Perhaps it's worth taking a moment to contemplate just what this momentous election signals the end of. Repudiating the ideas of, and removing from office, those who have perpetrated such gross offences and failed leadership is akin to removing a big boot from our collective necks.

Good riddance to bad garbage.

For instance:

First and foremost, no more George W. Bush and Dick "Dick" Cheney and the horse they rode in on. History's very worst president is through wreaking his damage on the country and the world. (NOTE: Not yet. It's revealed that he's busily repealing regulations on the environment and economic markets even as we speak, trying to do maximum damage before its too late. See "Where's George" post below)

Americans learned not to swallow their bullshit and refuse to be frightened into voting for candidates of a party who's very existence was built on deception, hypocrisy and fear. 'Nuff said. Into the trash bin of history with them all.

- No more Sarah Palin, the mute "First Dude", or Kick, Stoob, Click, Klack, Magnesia, Zamboni and their other kids. No more moronic and bizarre utterances in the yowling, overly-dramatic, sing-song, grammatically mangled, trying to sound like she knows something, drawl as if she's talking to toddlers, in such a horridly annoying tone of voice that you reflexively dive for the mute button. We no longer have to feel collectively embarrassed every time she "reared her head".

Bonus: No more will we have to witness the bizarre sight of Hank Williams, Jr. standing on stage like some redneck nightmare cigar store Indian, wearing various football jerseys tucked into his jeans an outsized cowboy hat and sunglasses indoors.

Truly a blessing.

- The ruinous and colossally misguided and impractical ideology of the right, and the toads who promoted them, Gingrich, Delay, et. al, it can be hoped, will fade to the obscurity they so richly deserve. They've already enjoyed attention and prominence WAY beyond what they deserved, will have a much more appropriate profile, in other words, Americans will hold them accountable at long last for the wrong ideas and massively failed ideology and they won't be taken seriously any more.

Unfortunately, if the past is any guide, there are many right wing figures who can be dead wrong with amazing consistency and yet they're still allowed plum positions in the media from which to continue spouting their half-baked ideas.

- The constitution wasn't completely shredded, and at least now the shredding will stop, and some repair will hopefully begin.

WE CAN FINALLY BE PROUD OF OUR PRESIDENT, instead of deeply embarrassed and apologetic that we had elevated such a blatantly shallow buffoon to the Presidency, not once, but.... (cringe)... twice.

- A media who, rather than being browbeaten and stampeded into pretending that right wing propaganda and lies make sense or should be given serious attention, have now been browbeaten and stampeded into actually calling a lie a lie, and a slimy distorted attack, a slimy distorted attack. (At least in some outlets.)

No one is served by a media that decides to pretend that, for instance, Sarah Palin really WAS qualified to be president, had foreign policy experience, and was more experienced and prepared than Obama. Sometimes, the truth is unavoidable and the press shouldn't be scared to stand up for reality.

- "Liddy" Dole is gone, marking the fact that America has at long last rid itself of having either a Dole, a Bush, or both in office for the first time in about 30 years.

- And end to e-mail inboxes packed with appeals for donations from every elected official above dog-catcher on a daily basis, with each warning of more dire consequences than the next. And of course, no more sickening, infantile negative ads.

...and the list goes on.

Tell us what you won't miss, what you'll say good riddance to, or what you hope this election will put an end to. In other words, the incompetent boobs and philosophy up with we no longer will have to put.

What other things can we expect to not have to deal with now that this election is over?


At 11/05/2008 7:48 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Bah, Bah, Liddy has to be in first place. Al Gore never really said he invented the internet but Liddy honestly claimed for a bit to have invented the high-mounted rear stop light.

But I also found myself thinking, as I absorbed the enormity of last night, "My God, Good Scott McClellan, Bad Scott McClellan? It doesn't matter anymore. Nobody has to act Like Scott McClellan is relevant! Where do I sign?"

At 11/06/2008 2:24 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Great to hear from you as always.

And wow, that could be a post by itself... stuff like that which ate up millions of dollars of air time and were treated as if they were actually important, which in hindsight stand exposed as the juvenile clap-trap that it was and is.

In other words, in the cold light of day, so much of what the right tried to elevate to scandal are revealed to be utterly ridiculous.

The list is long. From the truly ridiculous, like the repaint of Obama's plane, where they accused him of removing the flag when it was only the logo of the air charter service, the entire flag pin idiocy, and others, to the more pernicious and insidious attempts to somehow suggest that Obama was, simultaneously, a Muslim, a radical black Christian, a Socialist, a Communist, a terrorist sympathizer if not a "domestic terrorist" himself, a "redistributor" (how totally goofy.) and, (I'm not making this up) the ANTI-CHRIST.

At some point, it would be interesting to go back and recount the sheer desperation and often infantile attempts by the Republicans to demonize Obama and perhaps get a few good laughs at just how stupid they were.
(Though it has to be tempered by the sad knowledge that it actually happened, AND that there were millions who willingly fell for it, many of which, sadly, still do.)

And then there's the gossip aspect, as with the phony attempt to disparage Scotty McClellan.

And then there's the rather disturbing spectacle of the herd of right wing shills (and media pundits) trying to jump ship in the face of the sea change in poltics.

Principles? HA!

Thanks for reminding us of all the sheer B.S. we'll be spared.

That's the good news.

The bad news? It will inevitably be replaced by a fresh batch.

At 11/06/2008 11:48 AM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Oh, you just reminded me: Colin minus the vial, flipping teams, shedding tears and otherwise abandoning any shred of principle (if he ever had any) to get ahead of the inevitable. Only thing missing was the other flipper George Tenet slam-dunking in the background.

I kept looking around for John Connolly and Ben Night Horse Campbell, not to mention Dick Shelby, before he.....well, you know the rest.

Continued Success.

At 11/09/2008 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, very best of all, no more Karl Rove. I used to subscribe to Newsweek for many years but when they signed him on as a commentator, I dumped them.

At 11/09/2008 7:38 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Interesting you should say that. I'd subscribed to Newsweek for decades, and then during the Clinton hysteria when they started putting Howard Fineman and every other writer, editor, or copy boye they could get on TV (how could they have time to write??!! They were on TV all the time.) I finally couldn't take it anymore.

They were so ridiculous and petty in their heavy breathing coverage of the Monica scandal that I dumped them after all that time.

They finally came to their senses, thought they're still nothing like the magazine it used to be, and I re-subscribed just this year.


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