September 14, 2008

The McCain's fresh out of "straight talk" on the topic of Cindy's addiction

Here's a little nugget for all you fine folks out there who are more concerned ith issues of "character" and "family values" than a candidate's stance on the numerous pressing crisis both domestic and international which will determine the country's future.
McCain's drug use became national news during her husband's first presidential campaign in 2000. Newsweek published a first-person account of her struggle, but it included some errors.

"It began with Vicodan [sic]. In 1989, I had ruptured a couple of disks carrying my 1-year-old, Bridget, in a pack on my back," she wrote.

But Bridget was not born until 1991.
Well, what do you expect? She was, er.. feeling no pain at the time.

What are the odds that the fact that a candidate's wife was caught stealing prescription pain pills from a charity organization will get much play?

Bonus question. What coverage would you expect to see if Michelle Obama had done the exact same thing?


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