April 13, 2008

Like numbers?

Here's some recent poll results giving a rough snapshot of where the Obama/Clinton race stands as of now.

Pledged Delegates:

Obama: 1,416
Clinton: 1,252

Lead: Obama by 164


Obama: 230
Clinton: 259

Lead: Clinton by 29

Total Delegates:

Obama: 1,646
Clinton: 1,511

Lead: Obama by 135

Contests won:

Obama: 28
Clinton: 14

Lead: Obama by 14

Total cummulative votes:

Obama: 13,405,271 or 49%
Clinton: 12,706,194 or 47%

Lead: Obama by 699,077 or 2%

Pennsyvania Poll - Time Magazine

Clinton 44%
Obama 38%

Indiana Poll - South Bend paper

Clinton 49%
Obama 46%

North Carolina Poll - local media

Obama 35%
Clinton 26%
Undecided 39%


At 4/14/2008 10:01 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Clinton obviously is looking to the superdelegates to give her the nomination come August. But at this point I'm not so sure she'll be able to call in favors from them. The way I see it, the superdelegates would more than likely side with whichever candidate has a better chance of winning in November. And that looks to be Obama, in my POV.

At 4/15/2008 12:03 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

The Clinton' are feverishly working the superdelegates by arguing that Obama wouldn't have a prayer against McCain.

First they argue, he does poorly with Jewish voters, so he can't win Florida, a crucial state.

He does poorly, or worse than Hillary, with white working class voters. So he can't win Ohio, or Pennsylvania. Candidates simply must win Ohio or they don't stand a chance, and without Florida or Pennsylvania, they're toast too.

So the Clinton's have a lot of ammo on hand to argue that it's clearly Hillary who stands a much better chance of beating McCain, and conversely, that nominating Obama would be akin to inviting certain defeat.

Now whether Obama's considerable talent and skill (not to mention grace under fire) would be able to withstand the withering attempts to turn him into a cartoonish figure who is actually a terrorist remains to be seen.

And whether some sort of terror attack or incident conveniently occurs just at the right moment to scare the bejesus out of the rubes and drive them into the protective embrace of Sgt. Slaughter, aka Grandpa McCain, also remains to be seen.

Normally I'd say that Obama would have a lock.

But I've seen George W. Bush get elected twice.

Never understimate the child-like idiocy of the American sheep-le.


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