April 7, 2008

Major Clinton backer PA Gov. Ed Rendel: "Senator Obama's a much better candidate."

On Sunday's "Meet the Press", Pennsylvania's political powerhouse and staunch Clinton supporter Gov. Ed Rendel proclaimed Barack Obama to be the better candidate for president.

"I think ... Senator Obama's a much better candidate.", Rendel told Russert.

Aww, I can't do it.

Thought I'd try my hand at some Republican style campaign tactics and pull a quote out of context and distort it's meaning completely. But it's just too dishonest. You've got to be an idiot, a slime-bucket, desperate, a fanatical supporter, or all of the above to try to do this kind of thing.

Rendel's full quote was:
And Bob Casey (D-PA) and I in Pennsylvania will work either way to make sure that Clinton or Obama voters come back to whoever the nominee is. Will there be some falloff? Absolutely. Will it be disastrous for the party in the, in the fall? Not necessarily. I think, because of this long campaign, Senator Obama's a much better candidate. Compare his debate performances in the last two months compared to the middle of last year. I think Senator Clinton's a better candidate. She's become humanized. People have seen her for the person that she is. And, and the more they see of her and the more vulnerable she's been and the more she fights back and stands up for herself, the more likable she becomes with voters. So I think this is, in the long run, going to help us. Whoever our nominee is, we're going to get behind, and we're going to win big in the fall.


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