April 13, 2008


Remember when all the right wingers were telling us that we simply HAD to support Gen. Musharraf in Pakistan? Remember them solemnly promising that the reason we've purposely not made any effort to kill or capture the persons responsible for the attack on 9-11, remember, the thing that changed everything, was that we couldn't risk doing anything to cause Musharraf trouble?

Even my favorite wing-nut troll argued endlessly that we couldn't do anything in Pakistan because if we didn't support Musharraf, the country would collapse and within 24 hours Pakistan would be ruled by crazed al Queda types who would then have access to nuclear weapons. (and if that's not the ultimate scare, I don't know what is.)

Remember that?

And then the assassination of Behahir Bhutto and the instability that promised?

Well, Pakistan had elections a month or two ago. Musharraf was bounced out on his ass.

Have you heard any right wingers freaking out about terrorists with nuclear bombs in Pakistan lately?

Just curious.

What excuse will they use now for why we refuse to pursue or capture bin Laden? (besides the obvious fact that it would piss off Bush/Cheney's soul-mates, the Saudi royalty?)

Does anyone still think that if Bush actually wanted to kill or capture bin Laden that he'd still be sitting in Pakistan making videos?

Bush once famously said, after vowing to bring in bin Laden "dead or alive" that he really didn't think about bin Laden much. (except when he quotes him in attempts to justify his war.)

What's going on here? Why is bin Laden still alive and living in safety?

And why no mention of the fact that the very argument the right has relied on for years for not being able to get bin Laden has been evaporated?

I seem to recall consevatives having a cow and condemning Bill Clinton for years for failing to kill bin Laden in a rocket attack (from which bin Laden narrowly escaped.)

But at least Clinton tried.

Just curious. Any Republicans care to take a stab at a new excuse? Or are you helpless until you hear your right wing "authorities" on AM radio or Fox explain what that new excuse might be?

Really, who cares, right? The name of the game is run out the clock and dump it in the next administration's lap anyway. And Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker with their "we must wait several months to then begin to evaluate what to do after that" crock recently delivered during their congressional appearance conveniently accomplishes Bush's goal to make his magnificent blunder someone else's problem, just like he's walked away from all the previous failures in his life and left it to others to clean up.


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