March 20, 2008

John McCain: Clueless coot, or peddler of fairy tales

John McCain repeated, not once, but four times over two days, the stunning false idea that Iran is somehow aiding al Queda, training them and returning them to Iraq.

Anyone making such a statement, let alone four times, would have to have no idea of the most basic facts in the conflict. Iran does NOT support al Queda, as they are on opposite sides of the Sunni/Sh'ia conflict.

McCain looked like a dottering old fool as Joe Lieberman had to whisper to him that he had it all wrong, and McCain feebly corrected himself.

But then he repeated the same stunning mistake the next day, and again in a written statement from his campaign.

There's only two possible explanations for this.

A. McCain truly has no firm grasp of the forces involved in the tangled conflict and so isn't qualified to determine our country's fate in the area, much less argue that he's the most qualified and knowledgeable leader on the issue.

B. McCain has been peddling falsehoods for so long, attempting to conflate al Queda and Iran in attempts to pull the wool over American's eyes to gin up support for war with Iran and an endless continuation of the war in Iraq. More of the same deceptive propaganda campaign of the past 7 years.

By trying to peddle a completely false picture of alliances and who we're fighting to scare the rubes, McCain just got mixed up. Just like your mom told you, when you tell lies, eventually it's hard to keep track of them and you'll stumble and be exposed.

McCain has repeatedly tried to say we're fighting al Queda in Iraq. This is blatantly deceptive.

A group of militia sprang up after we left the borders wide open for years after the invasion who gave themselves the name, "al Queda in Iraq". This band has been fighting in the country. This group has NOTHING to do with the al Queda headed by bin Laden and who were responsible for the attacks on our country. There is NO connection whatsoever other than the fact that they used the Arabic phrase al Queda in their name.

Yet McCain and others have tried to conflate the two in order to again, deceive the rubes into thinking we're actually fighting the people who attacked us on 9-11.

Nope. That's utter fiction.

As a matter of fact, McCain as a continuation of Bush's policies, would continue a war of RETREAT against bin Laden and al Queda by making only a tiny fraction of the effort and devoting only a fraction of resources to the battle in Afghanistan where the people responsible for 9-11 actually ARE.

Bush was far too close to the Saudis to ever make any real effort to kill bin Laden. He's clearly let him go and has no desire to kill or capture him. He and Cheney are far too tight socially and economically with the Saudis to risk upsetting them by killing bin Laden.

So instead we get a phony war in Iraq which has killed more Americans than the terrorists did on 9-11 while bin Laden sits in Pakistan and issues videos while directing the activities of al Queda world-wide.

Finally all that lying caught up to McCain, he forgot his lines, and he confused himself with who he was supposed to link together in all of this.

McCain is pathetic and represents a continuation of the dishonest attempt to manipulate the American public into supporting endless war with phoney excuses, lies, false facts, and other B.S.

How anyone could look at his performance over the last several day and still try to argue that he knows what he's talking about is beyond me.

THIS is the guy who's supposed to be magically in command of foreign policy and especially the complex sitation in the mid-east?

As the magic 8-ball would say, signs point to no.


At 3/21/2008 9:28 PM, Blogger How Insane Is John McCain? said...

I'd say all of the above.


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