March 16, 2008

Bush: Terrorists will slaughter us all if we don't pass this bill which I will veto if it doesn't protect telecom giants.

The idiotic and lying argument laid out by the buffoon in chief didn't work.

The House Dems have had some sort of miraculous spine injection and apparently have at long last realized that they don't need to stick to the script they've followed for years that dicates they first make a few squeaks of protest and opposition before quickly reverting to a bunch of spineless pussies and caving in to Bush's every desire.

They actually voted for a bill that expands wiretapping capability, but without giving telecom giants protection from lawsuits for violating American's rights.

Hat's off for at long last acting like they have a pair.

And what's Bush and Republican shills doing in all this?

Why for months they've been loudly telling us that if congress doesn't pass this warrentless wiretapping bill, then we're all in peril and American streets will run red with the blood of the innocent.

The Dems made the FISA provisions even broader and less restrictive on intelligence agencies than it already was, and that's a lot. The FISA court already authorized about 99.99999% of warrent requests as it was.

So is Bush going to sign the bill and thuse prevent the hollocaust that he's promised would result if he wasn't able to spy on all Americans without any permission from anyone, ever?


He's promised to veto the bill because it doesn't protect the gigantic telecom corporations from lawsuits over their patently illegal spying on American citizens, people like you or I who in no way fit into the FISA provisions for spying on international communications. (Remember when Bush keeps saying this is only to spy on terrorists overseas? He's lying. They've been sweeping up ALL of our phone and online communications and then worrying about sorting it out later. And what Bush is demanding is that they be able to do this in complete and utter secrecy and without even the oversight of a SECRET FISA court.

Bush asked these telecom giants, all of which have benefitted to the tune of billions from Bush granting them the ability to pretty much write the laws the way they want them. He assured them that it was all entirely legal.

Not wanting to jeapardize their gravy train and offend the callow dunce, they went along and allowed the government to install gigantic diverters right inside their facilities which in effect duplicated all internet and phone traffic and sent a copy right into government computers. All without the customer's knowledge, naturally.

This blatantly illegal breach of the constitution went on in secret for years, except for when the government didn't pay it's bills on time.

THEN the telecoms simply shut down FBI spying. Yep, that's right. When the governmetn was slow to pay, the telecoms stopped allowing them to spy on you.

THAT'S how critical for our defense this secret spying is. So crucial that if the government is late with it's bill, the whole thing stops and no one in the Bush administration makes a peep.

So now that there's dozens of legitimate lawsuits pending for the telecoms blatant vilolation of our rights, Bush is cynically out there trying to scare the rubes into thinking that Dems are letting terrorists sneak into their cellar by not doing as Bush petulantly demands, namely altering U.S. law to provide special protection from punishment to a handful of corporations. I'm not sure if that's ever been done before in U.S. history.

Bush told them it was just fine to spy on us. Now, as at least one telecom knew, Quest, which flatly refused to participate in the illegality, it turns out that it was just as illegal as it seemed.

So the telecoms ran to Bush and the Republicans pleading that they protect them from being held accountible for what they'd done. After all, much like Hillary, they were now being burned for having actually been stupid enough to believe Bush.

So Bush and moron Republicans dutifully trotted out to pound the podium and try to conjure up visions of bloodshed and unthinkable carnage that would surely occur if the evil Dems didn't pass this bill and allow them to spy on whoever they want, whenever they want, in complete and utter secrecy even from a secret court.

But of course that was a huge lie, and Bush just proved it.

The Dems were wise to stand up to him on this, as now we'll get to witness Bush VETOING the very bill that he said is absolutely necessary to keep us safe from terrorist attack!

And why? Well, because it doesn't provide what it was all about to begin with, amnesty for telecom corporations.

Your Republican government at work folks. It would be farce if it weren't absolutely true.


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