March 16, 2008

How low can she go?

I'm curious.

Just what do Clinton supporters think about their candidate these days? Are they able to twist themselves enough to actually believe and support Clinton's frantic effort at the very negative and phoney attacks and low tactics that Obama condemns and people want to get away from?

As a Clinton supporter, how do you feel when you watch your candidate confirm the notion that she'll do or say ANYTHING to win, including trying to argue with a straight face that the results of the Michigan primary, an election where Barack Obama's name was not even on the ballot, should be counted?

And what does it feel like as you watch your candidate steadily driving the Democratic party nearer and nearer to complete meltdown and a potential loss to McCain, all directly stemming from Clinton's desperate attempt to force her way into the White House?

Isn't all the cheap shots and attempts to actively aid the McCain campaign, up to and including directly suggesting that only she and McCain are suitable to be commander in chief, making you have second thoughts?

Is all this divisive and often slimy tactics justifiable in any way?


At 3/16/2008 11:53 PM, Blogger Craig said...

Clinton - Huckabee '08

Neither of them majored in math.


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