March 12, 2008

Hey... uh... we were all dead wrong and knowingly lied which lead to thousands of violent deaths, but, uh, keep it under your hat

You've heard about the official pentagon report which concludes that after 5 years of exhaustive study (you can only imagine how hard the tried) they've concluded that there was absolutely no connnection whatsoever between Sadaam Hussein and al Queda in any way, shape, or form, right? None. Zip. Zilch.

One might expect such a fundamental revealation that conclusively proves that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the rest lied and lied repeatedly by asserting just the opposite to be getting more play than say, a governor with a weakness for stunning 22 year old hookers. But you'd be wrong.

And now the administration has taken unusual steps to make sure that you don't get to see the report either. Unless of course you want to write them and ask for it.

Of course this report has incredible historic significance, but to the Bushies, it's worth doing whatever pathetic creepy little thing they can to make sure that at least it's as hard for the public to access as they can make it.

Note the link to the executive summary of a "comprehensive military study of Saddam Hussein’s links to terrorism." issued by the pentagon.

Someone has done the patriotic duty of snagging a copy of the report and it's available here.

And apparently someone has done the patriotic duty of posting the entire report that the pentagon is attempting to minimize online even though the pentagon refuses to do so.

Care to know what you're talking about when discussing the adventure in Iraq? Go fill yourself in. Of course it's worth noting that these reports and others finally emerging from within the pentagon only confirm what those crazy liberals and a handful of patriotic Dems have been asserting all along, to the hoots and loud and hateful condemnation of right wingers. Guess the people that supposedly "hated America" were right all along.


At 3/14/2008 7:18 PM, Blogger Tacky said...

Hey TID but you can't overlook the fact that most of them are Muslims ( OR WERE UNTIL WE WIPED THEM OUT) and we were on a 'crusade" for our commander-in-chief.
Seems as though it doesn't take much to fire us up and go to war.
As of yesterday, the DOD in Iraq reported of 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead ( just short by 8 --the DOD hasn't made up its mind about 5 who died but may have been on their way to hospitals in other countries).
The neo-conservatives knew all onlong that it is easy to fool the American people. They apparently studied Goebbels's Nazi propaganda instructional books and put it into practice.


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