March 20, 2008

Dick "Dick" Cheney to 2/3rd of Americans: Go f*** yourself

In an interview from Oman with ABC's morning show, Dick "Dick" Cheney was rumbling about how great things have gone with the war. With over 3 BILLION in contracts for his former employers and their subsidiaries, oil at $110 a barrel, I guess it depends on where you sit, which in Dick Cheney's case, was the deck of the Sultan of Oman's yacht, which is where he chose to observe the 5th anniversary of the start of his war..

When the interviewer reminded him that 2/3rds of the country feel that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, Cheney smirked and replied, "So?"

When the interviewer then expressed shock that he didn't care what Americans thought, Cheney then attempted to backpedal by saying that you can't run foreign policy by following the "fluctuations" in public polling.

Only one problem there.

The polling HASN'T fluctuated. There's no fluctuation from the fact that they demonstrate a clear and steady increase in the number of Americans who feel that the entire effort was a cataclysmic mistake.

So on behalf of the 202,449,997 American citizens who represent those opposed to your war, citizens you're supposed to represent, let me extend a hearty, "No, Dick.... Go f*** yourself." to "the man of the people" , vice president Dick Cheney.


At 4/19/2008 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contempt for the people of America--except of course for a few hundred of the rich and powerful and rapacious. That contempt and the arrogance it comes from are why I consider Bush/Cheney axix as


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