February 23, 2008

Want private military for profit in American streets?

As an update to the post below regarding a bill conceived by Illinois State Rep. Julie Hamos, the "Limitations on Private Military Contractors Act", it's been learned that Representative Hamos is waiting until she receives at least five co-sponsors before bringing the bill to the floor for debate and vote.

This would be a great opportunity for our local representitives Boland and Verschoore to take a principled stand against the real possibility of such for-profit miitary corporations being used to patrol and arrest Illinois citizens.

The bill does nothing to stop their questionable activities abroad, but lays down a marker of sorts to ensure that their plans to expand into domestic security isn't welcome in our state.

Where do these legislators stand on this issue, and will they lend their names as co-sponsors of this far-sighted and reasonable bill?


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