February 16, 2008

Inside Dope juke

I'd forgotten how much I like Lucinda Williams. She's not like the other girls.

Thought I'd share a couple faves...



Changed the Locks

I thought I'd try to add a little description for these, but found it was impossible, which is probably why I like them so much.

You'll need the free RealPlayer (or iTunes) to listen.

Of interest is that Bo Ramsey from Washington, IA performed on two of William's albums, 1998's "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road", and 2001's "Essence" after having opened for her on tour in 1994.

Ramsey has played electric and slide guitar with popular bands in eastern Iowa ranging back to Mother Blues in the 70's, to his band the Sliders beyond that, before branching out into producing other Iowa talents and establishing a distinct Iowa blend of folk, blues, country and rock.


At 2/16/2008 9:27 PM, Anonymous sueshedap;puhleeze said...

Big fan of Lucinda, too, since "Get Right with God" and been hooked ever since. Refreshingly different than some of the incredible crap that passes for music out there at times.


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