February 16, 2008

Attention java junkies

Today (Saturday 16) is the grand opening of Youth Hope Coffee, a business set up by the Christian Friendliness organization. The shop is owned and operated by students with the goal of teaching them through experience what's involved in successfully running a business and to develop work ethics.

Youth Hope Coffee offers a convenient drive-thru window and is located on the south-west corner of 41st and 12th avenue in Moline.

Christian Friendliness has really been doing big things since aquiring property at the location a few years ago. It now includes a gym, a game room, several other meeting rooms, offices, and a portion of the building which is intended to eventually house an auto detailing service with the same goals as the coffee shop.

Stop by, get some great coffee, support a good organization, and help them off to a good start. (I think Starbucks will survive.)


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