January 8, 2008

Michael Moore shares his thoughs on the Dem field and notices the QCs

I read Michael Moore's recent missive with interest, as I do admire the man and, having finally been able to watch "Sicko", his talent as a socially concious documentary film maker.

Essentially, Moore liked Clinton, but her votes on the war and other positions has taken the bloom off the rose.

Obama? Nice guy, great speeches, but cast some troubling votes which benefitted corporate interests in insurance, banking, and other industries which made things worse for the average citizen. Moore enumerates a few other reasons he's not too hot on Barack.

He does like Edwards, primarily because he's the only candidate that comes out and says what everyone knows, namely that corporations have a stranglehold on this country and it's government, and vows to take them on directly.

You can read the entire letter here if you care to.

But what caught my eye was the close of the letter...

Michael Moore (not an Iowa voter, but appreciative of any state that has a town named after a sofa)


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