January 2, 2008

A temporary Van Gogh

It's cold. But one good thing about it is you can find some beautiful and fascinating frost patterns on things. I snapped some shots a few minutes ago and was struck by how much the frost looked for all the world like someone had painted it on the glass in brushstrokes.

This one in particular looked like Jack Frost had done a tribute to Van Gogh.

As usual, click on the picture to enlarge, and then click it in your browser to see if it will further enlarge. The details are lost otherwise.


At 1/02/2008 4:13 PM, Blogger Matt said...

excellent. have you ever seen Akira Kurasawa's Dreams? there's a section where a painter character enters a tangible, palpable world of Van Gogh's paintings. It's not my favorite section of the film, but it's a decent watch:


At 1/02/2008 11:36 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks Matt

I've not seen the film you mention though I will check out the link you kindly provided.

At 1/03/2008 8:54 AM, Anonymous ROE said...

Wow - incredible picture! Not sure how you got that clarity, but the detail is beautiful. I'm afraid it's not possible for me to duplicate it here in Dallas, but I'll live. Thanks again for the picture.

At 1/03/2008 2:57 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks very much, and my sympathies for living in the land of Bush and Delay. With any luck, the Texas era of U.S. politics will be over for a long time.

I just used my point and shoot camera with its macro setting. I actually was a bit disappointed because the detail wasn't as sharp as I'd hoped, due to the fact that the frost was on a storm door and when I opened the main door, it allowed the warm air from the house to start melting the delicate chrystal structures. I had to work fast, but even so, the patterns weren't as sharp as they first appeared.


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