December 30, 2007

Must see TV

Meant to get this up earlier, but wanted to issue a strong recommendation that you tune in to watch "Jesus Camp" at 9 p.m. tonight (Sunday) on the A&E cable channel.

When I saw "Jesus Camp" before it made such a powerful impression that I ended up writing a post about it and provided a link to the trailer for the film, and it's truly an eye-opening peek behind the scenes in the evangelical movement, particularly it's efforts to prepare young children for holy war.

If it's at all possible, please tune in or tivo it or otherwise record it if possible. I'll wager you had no idea what some so-callled Christians are up to in this country and what you'll see might shock you.

And the part where they interview the good Rev. Ted Haggard (pre-meth and gay prostitution scandal) alone is worth the effort to catch this award winning documentary.

If you read this too late, "Jesus Camp" will also be re-aired at 1 a.m. Monday morning. Set your VCRs if you can record it.


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