December 17, 2007

War been berry berry good to me

A commenter recently predicably scoffed at the very notion that this administration was motivated by greed and profit in their mad push to invade Iraq and trying the same old bamboozle to get us to attack Iran.

Here's a piece that explains a little of how Bush/Cheney and those close to them have made out so far in the "War on Terra".

Of course, this doesn't even touch the list of campaign contributors and other Republican connected profiteers who have scored like bandits, often inventing companies out of thin air to reap the windfall.

There was a story a few days back about people who've actually set up charities obstensibly to help wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, and paid themselves half million dollar salaries with only a tiny fraction of the millions raised actually being spent for the intended purpose.

The head of one enormous charity which took in $72 million in donations, "Help Hospitalized Veterans", is currently on the lam and can't be located.

Congress is investigating. Lots of harumphing, but will anything be done?


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