October 31, 2006

The Thicket and Hot Soup

Just got an e-mail informing the staff here at Inside Dope Industries that our humble blog has been added to the blogroll at "The Thicket", the blog of the National Conference of State Legislatures

This site is nirvana for those turned on by the inner workings of state legislatures and a policy wonk's dream. It's oriented towards legislators, their staff and other professionals but is a great resource for anyone interested in issues and politics at the state level.

"The Thicket" is described as "A Bipartisan Blog by and for Legislative Junkies" and it's truly a thicket of information. There's an amazing wealth of topics covering everything and anything to do with state legislatures and politics. Check it out.

Another site for political analysis is a venture launched by former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart and Bush stategist and PR guru (and former Dem) Mark McKinnon. The joint is called "Hot Soup" and is worth a look. It's a sort of blog on steroids, or as they're referred to, a "social networking" site with plenty of opportunity for interaction and feedback.

Both have been added to the blogroll in the sidebar for future reference.


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