October 30, 2006

Wright campaign going strong into final stretch

Despite facing Rove-like tactics from heavily funded right-wing front groups, such as JUSTPAC and the "Illinois Civic Justice League" (weren't they a group of comic book super-heroes?) Judge Vicki Wright's campaign for 3rd District Appellate Judge continues to pick up endorsements and sticking to the high road.

JUSTPAC, the lobby wing of the ICJL, has contributed $152,270 alone to Powers campaign. That's a lot of dough. It's clear who "owns" Powers.

The ICJL is a group created by health care, insurance, and corporate interests to protect their interests against those who sue for justice and compensation against them. JUSTPAC is their arm created to install judges who will obstruct average people's ability to win judgements against these powerful groups for malpractice and negligence of various sorts.

A letter enorsing Wright appeared published recently in the QC Times as well.

The Wright campaign has been up with both a television ad stressing Wright's experience and judicial philosphy as well as a radio spot noting her opponent's reliance on groups which resort to negative tactics, including a juvenile website devoted solely to smearing and mocking their opponent.

The Wright campaign site features a long list of endorsements, including those from ALL major teachers associations in Illinois AFT, IFT, and IEA, a well as many glowing testimonials from those high and low who have had experience in her courtroom, and much more information.


At 10/30/2006 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Does that mean, then, that Vicki Wright is "owned" by the Unions and trial lawyers?


At 10/30/2006 6:49 PM, Blogger Mike Huntoon said...

I know Vicki Wright and I don't think she's for sale at any price!

Judge Wright is the clear choice based on experience and qualifications. I'm proud to have her sign in my yard.

At 10/30/2006 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before one cast's stone's they should look to the attorneys that have also donated to Judge Powers campaign. The last time I checked Judge Powers had just as much in contributions from attorneys as Judge Wright. If you go by Union endorsement, what is wrong with that. I as a working union member I find that most of my working brother's and sister's want nothing more than a fair liveable wage and working conditions. You tell me what is wrong with that. I by lending my support to Judge Wright do not expect any special privledge's or judgement's in court. I expect the correct rulings made on merit and merit alone. Also Judge Powers only has two years on the bench compared to fifteen for Judge Wright. Taking that into consideration I find it very easy to vote for Judge Wright.

At 10/30/2006 10:32 PM, Blogger Tacky said...

No she is not owned by the unions. The unions want someone who is going to be fair and on the side of justice. Vicki fits the bill. She will be fair and just.

At 10/30/2006 10:59 PM, Blogger demgorilla said...

I think what's most interesting about this race isn't about the enormous amounts of money being funnelled to Powers' campaign from highly partisan out-of-state groups. (Well, I guess that's interesting when you consider it's the conservatives who whine about so-called liberal judges trying to turn courts into their ideological playgrounds.)

But let me stay positive, and that's what ALL judicial candidates and campaigns and their supporters should be during a campaign. Judicial races rest more than anything on experience, and that's what clearly distinguishes Judge Wright from Judge Powers. She has 15 years on the Bench, he has 2.

Wright has support from police, firefighters, teachers, attorneys -- and Clarence Darrow Sr. said it best: "She is a highly respected member of our judiciary."

At 11/02/2006 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WRight already got my vote last week when I voted early. So her opponent wasted his money sending me his little mailer today.


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