October 14, 2006

Send in your Fall pics

It's that time of year again when the chlorophyll high-tails it to reveal the true colors of tree leaves in all their glory for a brief, amazing time.

While New England is considered the prime fall scenery territory, I'm not sure it has anything over this area. With the many wooded ravines and river bluffs, it's always possible to catch some fall scenes which are routinely described as spectacular, mainly because they are.

What I'd like to do is invite readers to get out there and engage in some shutter-buggery, as it were, and try to capture the fall scenes around you and then send along your pictures so they can be shared with readers.

Anything related to the season is fine, glorious fall colored trees of course, pumpkins, bon fires, hayrack rides, the harvest, or anything that captures fall and the change of weather.

The leaves are just beginning to turn, so the next several weeks should be prime time. If you see a particularly "spectacular" scene or know of a tree that is especially "lit up", grab the camera and take a shot, then send it along to theinsidedope at gmail dot com (only with the @ sign and a dot, of course.) or simply click on the red "Contact" text in the sidebar.

You can choose how or if you'd like to be credited for your photos and can remain anonymous if you want.

Have fun, don't be shy, and with any luck, we'll be able to share some great shots.


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