September 29, 2006

Those evil "hate-filled" Democrats are the reason politics are so divisive and paritisan

... and if you believe that, you probably think that there's WMDs in Iraq and George Bush has kept us safe from terror.

The right simply knows no shame, hypocrisy is their stock in trade.

After they rammed through a House bill 253-168 protecting those who have tortured sometimes innocent detainees at the orders of Bush/Cheney, fat bastard Dennis Hastert said the following:
"Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 159 of her Democrat colleagues voted today in favor of more rights for terrorists," Hastert said in a statement. "So the same terrorists who plan to harm innocent Americans and their freedom worldwide would be coddled, if we followed the Democrat plan. "
Hastert later decried the divisiveness and rancor in politics pointing out that he felt it is unfortunate that the Democrats practice the politics of division and hateful distortions and employ inflamatory language for purely partisan purposes.

OK, Hastert didn't say that last part, but I can't count the number of times I've heard Republicans or their toadies attempt to blame Democrats or liberals for the terrible partisanship that infests politics. Yet they've been making such reckless and inflamatory, false and defamatory statements as Hastert's quote above on a daily basis for over a decade. They've even codified it and had training sessions for freshman congressmen on how to do it!

How they have the nerve to even begin to point fingers at Dems is beyond comprehension.

Yeah, Dems are poisoning the political discourse. What a freaking joke.

Liars, phoneys, corrupt bought off corporate lackeys hiding behind the flag and the cross.

But if there's any justice, not for long.


At 9/29/2006 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get so sick and tired of Republican scare tactics that I could throw up on a daily basis. Can you offer any wisdom as to why so many intelligent people buy into their lies?

At 9/29/2006 11:33 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

The short answer is that people are scared stupid, or at the least, scared into silence.

Fear and Loathing and the incessant promotion of the same.

And because the manipulation of America post 9-11 has worked so collossally well, the right has become convinced that there's no limit to what they can say or do, that they literally can say or suggest anything no matter how outrageous and not be held accountible or suffer any consequences for it.

After all, until recently, even the Democrats have cowardly refused to defend themselves or stand up to the abuse.

What would have been laughable and considered the rantings of a lunatic only 30 years ago is now allowed to be said unchallenged on a daily basis on major media, and many right wingers have been rewarded by being paid millions for doing so.

The campaign to make the insane become considered normal has been so pervasive that anyone who dares stand up and says it's insane is in turn labeled insane themselves.

(think Clinton being attacked as crazy for daring to call them on their lies and attempts to re-write recent history.)

When a population is constantly told that they are in mortal danger, that everything they love and hold dear might be wiped out AT ANY MOMENT, and that their are "people" out there, not anything specific... just vague, shadowy, menaces called by such idiotic terms as "islamofascists" or "suiciders" or "terrists" ...but they, whoever they are, are living killing machines seething with hate, not of our incompetent and reckless administration who have done the things which have inflamed half the world, but, the administration tell them, they hate YOU and every American.

But, the truth is that the bullshit the right peddles is simply that, bullshit.

And... and this is's such outrageous, over the top, and incredibly vicious bullshit, that people, even reasonably intelligent people, simply can't imagine that anyone could be so vile and craven as to say it if it wasn't essentially true.

In other words, decent Americans can't conceive of anyone, even a politician, doing or saying what Republicans do on a routine basis, so they accept it.

The lies have been SO enormous, that the American people simply can't allow themselves to think that they really ARE lies, even in the face of blatant proof. It's simply too bad to even contemplate.

The Republicans have caused the entire country to go into a collective state of denial.

Did a U.S. president and those around him actually take us to war and kill thousands of soldiers, spend over 800 BILLION dollars, and put us in worse peril than pre-9-11 by conciously lying to the country in utter contempt of our right to be told the truth?

Did they really abuse the power they were given, well had taken, to such a criminal and almost traitorous degree?

That can't happen in America!

So people just buried their heads in the sand, and there was no shortage of right wing shills to explain away everything, to rationalize the steady parade of revelations of just how deceptive and disrespectful of democracy this administration has been.

So many who had supported Bush simply clung to these increasingly transparent attempts to defend the indefensible to avoid admitting that they too, had been cruelly lied to and decieved, perhaps even more than those who had never supported Bush or his policies.

They've clung to these gradually disintegrating life preservers, clung to the utter non-sense put out by the right in league with the White House, such as Condi Rice saying with a straight face that "no one could have imagined anyone using an aircraft as a weapon or flying them into buildings" even when there had been DOZENS of reports and warnings of just that possibility. And that's just one example out of literally thousands.

It took an amazing suspension of disbelief to continue to buy into these transparent lies, but right-wingers hung in there like troopers.

Fear and Loathing, and the heavy promotion of both by the Republicans and the White House is why people fell for it all.

Osama bin Laden and Bush are each other's greatest allies. They both benefit each other to an amazing degree. Bush's actions make bin Laden a hero, prove his accusations against the U.S. to be absolutely true, and serve as a greater recruiting tool than bin Laden could ever hope for.

And in exchange, if 9-11 had never happened, Bush would have been a poor one term president, and he would have been denied the one tool which they've leveraged to both hold onto and expand power in an extremely right wing image.

At 11/05/2006 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Joe
Date: Nov 5, 2006 1:16 PM
Subject: evil
To: vjp2

I hear them say " George Bush started this war, got us into this war... no weapons of mass destruction... etc..."
and I keep thinking about my friends who were incinerated at the wtc.
who started a war?
stealing passenger jet airplanes full of jet fuel into populated buildings...not a weapon of mass destruction?
I am sicken by those, in effect, agents of evil, masquerading as 'd" democrats.
sowing confusion, dissention, trying to cause turmoil on the home front.
these "d" democrats, who literally tied themselves to the gates of the piers to try to keep shipments bound for iraq, from departing.
these obfuscators, liars. a pox on them.


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