September 22, 2006

"Pickles" Bush to stump for Whalen

The literate half of the Bushs is slated to appear in Davenport next Thursday to campaign for restaurateur Mike Whalen, the latest in a long line of Republican heavyweights to make the trek to Iowa on Whalen's behalf.

The event will be at the River Center. Ticket prices range from $250 per person to listen to the First Lady's remarks to $1,500 per person for a breakfast with Mr. Whalen, priority seating at the reception and a photo opportunity with Mrs. Bush, according to information emailed by the Whalen campaign.

There are also $1,000 per person tickets that include the breakfast and priority seating at the reception.


At 9/22/2006 10:15 AM, Blogger tiz said...

She can't cross the river and have a lunch for Zinga? Has the GOP already thrown in the towel there?

Her husband was just in Orlando fundraising. It's nice to know taxpayers are footing the bill for security and transportation for such important things that I am sure are in everybody's interest.

At 9/22/2006 12:45 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Good point as always Tiz..

But why niggle over a few hundred million tax dollars being spent for blatantly political purposess? As Tom Delay said when he used Homeland Security facilities and personel to track his political enemies' planes when they fled Texas to avoid ratifying his illegal redistricting, when asked if it was proper to use government agencies for his poltical purposes, Delay stated, "I am the government."

As we've learned, that attitude extends far and wide among Republicans who've seemed to have forgotten there's another party.

At any rate. I seem to recall as well that there was a chorus of right wing shills on TV full of vein popping fury and outrage when Clinton would make a campaign appearance while on a trip. (God forbid Hillary would go out on the stump)

There was quite the hew and cry to demand that no tax dollars be spent if a Dem president campaigned.

Of course, we're sure to hear this same sort of outrage 15 times a day again from Democrats just as we did from the knuckle-draggers. (cough)

At 9/22/2006 2:16 PM, Anonymous havinfun said...

Zinga has made huge errors...she has spent considerable time in DC trying to gain validity, only to have Rove, Cheney and now L. Bush come in town for Whalen and none of the above cross the river to see her.

Zinga needed to understand that her ability to raise money locally was what was going to buy her credibility in DC.

She spent time and money chasing DC and they care only about winning As they see that she cannot win - they subsequently are not going to spend time on her.

Hare - 56%
Zinga - 44%

At 9/22/2006 2:24 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Makes perfect sense to me Havinfun. It appears that the national party is leaving Andrea twisting in the breeze for now.
That's not to say that they won't open up a floodgate at some point down the line.

But let's apply that same situation to the Iowa 1st district situation.

Where are the Dems for Braley? Whalen has had half the damn administration here already. Braley is practically a footnote. Where are the Dem big guns?

As someone who dearly would like to see the Dems pick up that seat, it's a bit worrisome to see Whalen getting A list support while Braley sits by.

At 9/22/2006 2:29 PM, Blogger demgorilla said...

Near frontrunners for 2008, Virginia Gov Mark Warner and Sen Evan Bayh have both been in town for Braley. So has heavyweight John Edwards. I know you won't be satisfied until someone like John Kerry comes to town, but Braley's attracted some big guns so far.

Also, don't forget the Big Dog himself will be in Des Moines for the Jefferson Jackson Dinner on Oct. 14 -- Bill Clinton.

At 9/22/2006 2:42 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks DG,
I didn't want to leave the impression that Braley was getting NO support, and I should have made that point more clearly.

But it seems that Whalen is what you hear about. At least for me personally, I don't hear Braley events or endorsements mentioned in the press too much, but I hear Whalen's big name visitors mentioned on a regular basis.

It's the perception that Whalen is getting all the attention that I was thinking about in my comment.

At 9/22/2006 3:45 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

This just in....

After his first appearance in Iowa at Harkin's steak fry last week, Barack Obama is set to return to Iowa next week to appear in Braley's behalf.

Good to hear. But of course, the pundits will all but ignore Braley to clamor about Obama being in Iowa and breathlessly speculating on whether this means he's considering a presidential run. (which they're already doing)

At 9/22/2006 7:47 PM, Blogger tiz said...

This is way peripheral, but since someone mentioned Kerry:

This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. At first I thought it was a photoshop, but apparently it made it to a Burlington newspaper. Some of the kids I work with said Kerry was indeed out among the tailgaters on Saturday.

I think some of the lack of publicity for Dems coming to fundraise for Braley is because Braley's based out of Waterloo and many of his events are there and not over in this side of the district.

That being said, I hope Obama is coming to the QC. I'll try to make it.

At 9/22/2006 9:11 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

The link in the above comment couldn't be posted as a link without adding some code.

So here it is for your convenience. Click on it and then enlarge the window.

At 9/23/2006 11:19 AM, Anonymous paladin said...

For those interested in facts and not just outrage, here's a link to a WH press briefing where a reporter asked the same question about who was footing the bill for all this travel. The press secretary didn't know for sure, but said she'd find out and let them know. The information is in a footnote at the very bottom of the link. There is a complex formula that has been in effect since the Reagan Administration, as to how these business/political trips are calculated to determine who pays what.

You may now return to your previously scheduled outrage.

At 9/23/2006 2:29 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Obama will be here for Phil Hare next Saturday, September 30 - 12:30p.m. at the Plumbers hall in RI for those who want a chance to see both fine men. Donation requested is $35 at the door. I just received my invitation Dope. See you there!!

At 9/23/2006 2:46 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Excuse me for noticing, but while you're whining about us beng pissed off about the worst administration in the countries history, you seem pissed off enough for all of us.

You've offered nothing but bitter grousing and bitching for weeks now.

Seems you're in a pretty sour mood now that your beloved emperor's seen as naked by most of the country.

Good job. But it sorta makes it impossible for you to credibly complain about other's being negative.

At 9/23/2006 2:58 PM, Anonymous paladin said...

We may have different standards. Please show me "pissed off", "bitter grousing and bitching" and "sour mood". I think I've been pretty cheerful about how pathetic the Democrats have been. But if wandering off the Democrat plantation/reservation counts as "bitching" count me in baby!

And there you go again. Just because I think Democrats are pathetic losers, you assume GWB is my "emperor". Get a freakin' grip. There's more out there than partisan Democrats and Republicans. I thought you Dems were big on "nuance", instead all I see from you and your like-minded commenters is a black/white world.


At 9/23/2006 3:16 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Paladin, your fingers don't touch a key without your making wild-ass assumptions. So....

At 9/25/2006 9:21 AM, Blogger Craig said...

Barack Obama will be making a stop in Illinois for Phil HAre prior to going to Iowa for Braley. The stop is from 12:30-2:30 at the Moline Plumbers and Pipefitters off JD road. Tickets are $35

At 9/25/2006 1:50 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Craig... what day? Is it still scheduled for Saturday 30th as first mentioned above by Maybesomeday?

If you had sent that information via e-mail, I could have put it up as a post instead where it would be more visible.

No matter how I try, I can't get people to send a simple e-mail for some reason. Can't figure it out.

At 9/25/2006 6:24 PM, Anonymous havinfun said...

Republicans just don't get it...$250.00 a head to see First Lady Bush and $35.00 a head to see Obama.

Republicans...get a crowd, get everyone excited, build momentum, THEN raise the money!

At 9/25/2006 7:16 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


C'mon, the last thing Republican donors want to do is have to be in the same room with regular people. Ewwwwww!

As Bush so famously said at multi-million dollar black tie fundraiser in New York, "Some peopel call you the elite. I call you my base."

The republicans neither want nor need to be inclusive. They've got more money than they know what to do with already. And they don't want to risk offending the money folks by inviting commoners.


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