August 1, 2006

The Tale of the Till

John Beydler at The Passing Parade is up with the latest campaign finance filings for local candidates with the glaring exception of Sen. Mike Jacobs who has missed the filing deadline.

The reports show the following cash on hand as of June 30th:

State Rep. Pat Verschoore: $105,376.12.

State Rep., Mike Boland: $137,011.02.

Steve Haring: $12,040.09.

James Beals: $4,561.79.

Sen. Mike Jacobs: no report filed, had $179,187.99 on hand Feb. 19.

Follow the links to the State Board of Elections reports and do some sleuthing. Click on any blue text and look at the various sub-reports.

The old Watergate era axiom "follow the money" still applies. A lot can be gleaned from checking where a candidate's money comes from, as well as where it's spent.


At 8/01/2006 6:32 PM, Blogger demgorilla said...

Money is the mother's milk of politics, to quote someone very famous who I can't remember at this time. Modern campaigns require a ton of dough to help candidates get their message out.
Winning campaigns, usually, outspend their opponents. To imply there is something sinister with the funds you raise or the funds you spend is outrageous. It's politics. It's how you win and get your message out.

I reject the notion that campaigns that are prolific fundraisers or prolific spenders are somehow less than worthy. Just the opposite -- they're effective at what they're doing.

You want campaign finance reform - go to Springfield and Washington and do the hard work to change the laws. Until then, quit whinining everybody. Jeeeez.

At 8/01/2006 6:46 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

No offense, but do you hear voices in your head?

I ask because you've completely made up a position which doesn't exist in the post or comments and then attacked it. (the classic straw man logical fallacy)

WHERE do you get that raising and spending money is "sinister", unless it's in your own mind?

As an aside, I believe the "mother's milk" quote is from former Texas goof-ball Phil Gram.

And your indignant rant that if someone doesn't like the role of money in politics, they should go to Springfield or D.C. and do the hard work to change it is just ridiculous.

Shouldn't our REPRESENTITIVES in government do that work?

Your weird outlook only proves how badly money corrupts the system.

You seem to feel that if anyone has a beef or an issue, that it's up to THEM to somehow be elected and change things.

What the hell are the politicians supposed to be doing? Only representing those who can PAY them to get their issues and desires addressed??!!

Are they nothing but political prostitutes?

If people want to change the system, they need to elect politicians who are committed to doing so, not those who get indignant when anyone so much as mentiones finance reports, for God's sake.

Again, all I did was recommend that people read the reports and see where the pols were getting and spending their money.

Try again to tell me what's wrong with that.


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