June 22, 2006

"Turd Blossom" plops into Iowa

The Hawkeye State will get a chance to see Karl Rove up close and personal, that is, if you're a staunch Republican willing to whip out your checkbook and spread some major love.

Herr Rove, a darling of the right for his ability to pervert negatives into positives, and the man most responsible for the ascendancy of bald faced lies and enthusiastic rejection of reality and fact as minor inconveniences in Republican dogma, will grace Iowa with his presence Monday.

"Bush's Brain" is scheduled to appear in Waterloo to endorse candidate for Congress Mike Whalen, then hop over to Des Moines to stump for 3rd District Congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti.

Swing on over and say hey to Turd Blossom if you get the chance.


At 6/23/2006 9:34 AM, Blogger tiz said...

So much for that Washington/political outsider schtick. Apparently Walen's plan consists of saying things three times, putting signs on the shit-ton of land he owns in the QC, and getting Karl Rove to come raise money in his opponent's hometown. What's sad is that just might end up working.

At 6/23/2006 9:40 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Does anyone else find it interesting that Whalen feels it's safe to be associated with Bush's brain, when so many other Republicans are distancing themselves from anything to do with the White House?

Even with his great wealth, perhaps Whalen likes the quick payday more than he's afraid of any possible negatives in cozying up to Rove.

At 6/24/2006 10:49 PM, Blogger diehard said...

Rove must be getting the voting machines ready in Iowa so they can steal that election too.


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