April 27, 2006

I come in the name of Jesus, biaatch


If you don't mind profanity and lots of it, but enjoy laughing your ass off, watch this.

(via TBogg)


At 4/28/2006 12:31 AM, Blogger Kankakee Voice said...

ROFLMAO, biiiaatch. You come up with some good one Dope.

At 4/28/2006 10:39 AM, Blogger tiz said...

Freaking awesome..

This reminds me - does anyone else remember the older lady on public access who would play elevator music and sing about "cheeses"? She was a QC public access gem.

At 4/28/2006 12:52 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Is that the guitar lady? I enjoy catching her show from time to time for as long as I can handle it, usually about a minute and two seconds.

The woman that sings discordantly while mindlessly strumming a guitar with a computer rhythm track behind her?

The dark haired woman who tapes the show in her house?

She has about $10 grand worth of top notch musical equipment and doesn't know how to use any of it properly. But she gets points for earnestness.

Every now and then she'll have some guests on and they're fun to watch as well.

Watching that show is more enjoyable than watching the very worst contestants on "American Idol", and it's commercial free!

The guitar lady makes William Huang singing "Shebop" sound like Sinatra.

It's what keeps me from deleting that channel from my remote.


At 4/28/2006 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite line? "you nincom-f*cking-poop! I about wet my pants laughing.

And it DOES look like he's reading out of the yellow pages. Too funny.

At 4/28/2006 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It only gets better with repeated viewing. I'm addicted. I dig his hairdo too.

At 4/28/2006 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My faves are the nincompoop comment and the "get to Heaven's Gate an travel the hell up outta here!" and "you KNOW your ass is damned!"

At 4/28/2006 5:53 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

What about "anybody resistin' can G-damn my ass...kiss it."

At 5/04/2006 1:28 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

I think that singing lady is pretty smart. How much you wanna bet she is tax exempted for being a religion or something out of her home....

What a joke.


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