March 4, 2006

Badges?! We DO need some stinking badges!!

The Dispatch/Argus had a piece about a meeting recently held in Rock Island by the Minutemen, a recently formed and growing group led by some right wingers from the southwest who have taken to appointing themeselves extra-legal defenders of our borders from illegal immigrants.

The impending opening of the enormous Triumph hog slaughtering and processing facility and the possibility that many of the jobs there may eventually end up beign taken by imported and illegal immigrants has attracted the Minutemen to the area in hopes of recruiting more wing-nuts to their cause. They, along with their counterparts, "Casa Guanajuanto" and it's president Stella Schneckloth, have both taken advantage of and are trying to demagougue the issue beyond it's true scope.

I didn't post about the Minutemen and their appearance as it's a messy issue, and these people don't help and their presense on the scene serves to bring a rather ugly element into the reasonable concerns some have over the issue of illegal immigrants coming to the area. They're coming to the area is scarcely justified, nor is the efforts of Schneckloth to inflate the issue from the other side of the spectrum.

Dave Barrett at "Moline Democratic Maverick" attended the meeting held by this group of wanna-be vigilantes and offers his insight.


At 3/04/2006 9:47 PM, Blogger diehard said...

The people of Mexico have been sh-t on by there own country. So the Mexican State's bad habits still continues!
Fox has continued the flight to America.
The latest spin from the Republicans is that these are jobs that no American wants.
RIGHT!! Take away collective bargaining, healthe care and a decent wage and bingo, no one wants it!
This is Jeff Davis'es dream come true! Legalized slavery in 2006!
In 1860 and 1864 the Mr.and Mrs. Diehard would have voted Republican. But that would have been the only time except for Teddy Roosvelt, another proggesive R. The last one!

At 3/05/2006 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like nazi tactics to me disguised with a spokesperson of hispanic heritage to make it seem like it's really ok.

This is not nazi Germany and we don't have Hitler running things - or do we??

At 3/05/2006 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering where those goofs moved to after they were kicked out out northern Idaho.


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