March 3, 2006


"Thirds? Better slow down,
or you'll end up at the Triumph plant."

"Friends of Mike Jacobs" will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner featuring, along with the spaghetti, Jacobs, Dick Leibovitz, Don Jacobs, and Diana Robinson.

The event will be held this coming Monday, March 6th at the Viking Club, 1450 41st Street in Moline from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Costs are: $8.00 per person, $15.00 for a couple, and $100.00 to be a sponsor.


And if you still haven't had your fill of spaghetti just yet, Pat Veronda will be holding a 14th Annual Spaghetti Dinner two days later, Wednesday, March 8, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Moline American Legion, 1623 15th Street, in Moline.

There will be a drawing for a Mountain Bike as well as many door prizes.


At 3/03/2006 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe next year Sen. Jacobs will be serving carp? I'm sure that will be a big draw.

I've gone to the Jacobs spaghetti dinners in years past though and they're always a lot of fun.

The food is good too, and as much as I eat, serving it with a shovel might be a good idea. The picture cracks me up!

At 3/03/2006 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a fun event. I think they buy Frank's spaghetti from Silvis.
It's tasty.

At 3/03/2006 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone has any questions about he spaghetti dinner, you can call Jacobs Campaign Manager Pat O'Brien
at 764-7956.

At 3/03/2006 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what the campain expenditures look like for this fund raiser. Should come in quite a bit lower than having it at Blue Ribbon or Johnny's. Will there be a massage booth set up?

At 3/03/2006 3:27 PM, Anonymous reddog said...

I am going to go to see if anyone comes. I was at Paul Rumler's last event and he had over forty people. Check the photos at his web site. Jacobs will be lucky to get 30 people to attend his event.

At 3/03/2006 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you started ddrinking already reddog.

At 3/03/2006 9:58 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Usually the spaghetti feed attracts hundreds.

At 3/04/2006 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike has so messed things up that nobody will come to this event. Again, jr. will be lucky to attract 40 people.

At 3/05/2006 4:55 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

This event is capacity crowd every single year and runs out of food. Anon must never go or he/she would know that fact.

IT's a good event and I will be there as every year.

At 3/06/2006 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will be interested to see how many more than forty people will be at the fundraiser tonight. Bet it's hundreds more...

At 3/07/2006 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dope is saying 350 people - guess that's more than 40!


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