January 25, 2006

Candid camera

A reader recently wrote to ask if I'd be interested in their submitting photos of people and events that might be of interest to readers here.

Absolutely! I'd welcome any pictures from citizen journalists of campaign events, public figures, or anything which might be related to or illustrate a subject or issue.

If used, they can be attributed to whatever screen name you choose, your actual name, or simply credited to anonymous. Just indicate your preference when you send them in.

You can also submit pictures you find in your wanderings on the net which you feel are humorous or of interest, or you can simply send along a link to them.

Of course, once submitted, you're granting permission for me to use them, and by doing so, are certifying that you took the photo or have permission to use it, and that it's not copyrighted by anyone else.

So by all means, if you've got some shots of something interesting, or find something of interest on the net, send it along. People might marvel at your skills. Just click on the red contact link in the sidebar or send to theinsidedope@gmail.com.

Share your talent with the multitude!


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